Today could be a day we all remember for a long time as the NamesConROTD live auction kicks off in Las Vegas in about an hour. I wrote about the auction this weekend because I do think this could be a truly historic event. Now that I’m here in-person I can tell you that the energy at the conference is palpable, and now that the final list of names for the auction has been released I think it’s safe to say today is going to be a big day.

Of the domains submitted 143 made the cut and will be included in the live auction this afternoon. There are some truly exceptional domain in this auction, a few that caught my eye right away are domains like,,,, and Let’s be honest, these are monster names.

I will be at the auction and while the four names I listed above are definitely way out of my price range there are a few others that I have my eye on. Also for the first time I’ve listed one of my domains for sale and it made the cut so I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes. The full list of domains that will hit the auction block in Vegas today is listed below:

Lot 10
Lot 20
Lot 30
Lot 40
Lot 50
Lot 60
Lot 70
Lot 80
Lot 90
Lot 100
Lot 110
Lot 120
Lot 130
Lot 140
Lot 150
Lot 160
Lot 170
Lot 180
Lot 190
Includes Trademark
Lot 200
Lot 210
Lot 220
Lot 230
$499 renewal starts June 18, 2018
Lot 240
Lot 250
Lot 260
Lot 270
Lot 280
Lot 290
Lot 300
Lot 310
Lot 320
Lot 330
Lot 340
Lot 350
Lot 360
Lot 370
Lot 380
Lot 390
Includes:, Facebook page, twitter handle
Lot 400
Lot 410
Lot 420
Lot 430
Lot 440
Lot 450
Lot 460
Lot 470
Lot 480
Lot 490
Lot 500
Lot 510
Lot 520
Lot 530
Lot 540
Lot 550
Lot 560
Lot 570
Lot 580
Lot 590
Lot 600
Lot 610
Lot 620
Lot 630
Lot 640
Lot 650
Lot 660
Lot 670
Lot 680
Lot 690
Lot 700
Lot 710
Lot 720
Lot 730
Lot 740
Lot 750
Lot 760
Lot 770
Lot 780
Lot 790
Lot 800
Lot 810
Lot 820
Lot 830
Lot 840
Lot 850
Lot 860
Lot 870
Lot 880
Lot 890
Lot 900
Lot 910
Lot 920
Lot 930
Includes Trademark
Lot 940
Lot 950
Lot 960
Lot 970
Lot 980
Lot 990
Lot 1000
Lot 1010
Lot 1020
Lot 1030
Lot 1040
Lot 1050
Lot 1060
Lot 1070
Lot 1080
Includes Trademark
Lot 1090
Lot 1100
Lot 1110
Lot 1120
Lot 1130
Lot 1140
Lot 1150
Lot 1160
Lot 1170
Lot 1180
Lot 1190
Lot 1200
Lot 1210
Lot 1220
Lot 1230
Lot 1240
Lot 1250
Lot 1260
Lot 1270
Lot 1280
Lot 1290
Lot 1300
Lot 1310
Lot 1320
Lot 1330
Lot 1340
Lot 1350
Lot 1360
Lot 1370
Lot 1380
Lot 1390
Lot 1400
Lot 1410
Lot 1420
Lot 1430

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Last year I sat down with Edward Zeiden, the Managing Director of popular domain name forum NamePros at NamesCon (say that five time fast) to talk about startups, accelerators, fundraising, and of course, the role domain names play in across this ecosystem.

Whether you’re a startup founder looking to buy a domain name, or a domain investor trying to do a deeper dive into the world of startups, I think you’ll enjoy this interview.



Next week the largest event in the domain name industry, Namescon, kicks-off in Las Vegas, and with it comes a domain auction that just might break some long-standing records. With the growth of the domain industry coupled with the new domain name extensions, the live auction next week is expected to bring some serious bidding from investors around the world.


The domain auction at NamesCon last year saw almost $1.5M in sales and this year. The auction will be run by the same company that ran it last year – Right Of The Dot led by long-time domain industry veteran Monte Cahn. When asked about the auction Cahn said:


“Again I have some of the best names in this year’s auction including many names that have never been for sale before,” (Source – DNJournal)

So why is this year going to be such a big year, and possibly a record-breaker for live domain auctions? There are two key factors at play that I think are going to make this such a special auction.

  1. This year NamesCon is already breaking records for attendance – more people = more bidders
  2. The domains in the auction are some of the best I’ve seen in the last ten years

Here’s a sample of some of the domains that are listed in the auction this year, I think this shows why the auction is really going to be so incredible:

Along with individual domains there are some of the most insanely huge domain packages I’ve ever seen in my life, and that’s not an exaggeration, here’s an example of one:

[,,,,,, ]

The auction takes place this Monday, January 23rd at 3:00PM PST at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. I’ll be there and yes, I have some names in the auction as well so along with doing some bidding myself I’m honored to have some of my own names in the auction.

Happy bidding and for those of your heading out to NamesCon, see you in Vegas!



NamesCon is now just a day away and Domain Investors from around the world are already descending on Las Vegas. My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon so I’ll be getting in with the rest of the Saturday night crew. This of course likely means that some gambling will take place before the conference starts and I thought I would setup a little game, with a prize for the winner…because let’s face it, it’s not fun without a prize.

Here’s how it works.

There are some domain name investors who gamble, some like Craps, others Poker, and there’s plenty who stay away from the tables and find their adventures in other parts of Vegas. So I thought now would be as good a time as any to see if you knew which of your favorite Domainers were gamblers…and what their favorite game is.

Be warned, not all of the people I have listed below gamble. If you can nail which of your favorite Domainers gambles, and their favorite game (in the comment section below) you’ll get a special gift from me in Vegas (think chips to gamble with yourself). Here we go…


Shane Cultra


Elliot Silver


Alan Dunn


Frank Schilling


Ammar Kubba


Andrew Allemann

Braden Pollock

Braden Pollock


Michael Berkens


Me (with a beard)

Comment below and list who above gambles, and if they do, what their game of choice is. Ready, set, go!


When it comes to domain names, .IO has been a favorite among startups. From companies like that have raised over $11M to others like,, and many more that have turned to .IO when they weren’t able to get their exact match .COM.


Today software giant Oracle announced that it would be acquiring

On January 19, 2017, Oracle announced that it signed an agreement to acquire Apiary, which creates the most comprehensive API Integration Cloud by adding the leading API design and governance solution. The proposed transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. Until the transaction closes, each company will continue to operate independently. (Source – Oracle)

Prior to the acquisition, had raised $8.55M from some pretty impressive VCs like Flybridge Capital ($560M fund). It’s pretty clear that building their brand on a .IO didn’t impact their ability to raise funding, scale, and then sell to one of the largest companies in the world.

As I’ve said many times before, .COM is my go-to and I think it is for most startups, we’re building our brand – Bold Metrics, on a .COM. That being said, I think it’s become pretty clear that not having the .COM sure doesn’t prevent success and .IO has been a shining example of how many possibilities are out there for startups that can’t get (or afford) their .COM.

While you do run the risk of someone else branding on the exact-match .COM, which I talked about a couple of weeks ago, in the case of Apiary, there’s no confusion. There’s no way you’d land on and get it confused with the .IO so it likely wasn’t keeping them up at night.

Congrats to the whole team, I can imagine there’s a lot of celebrating going on at their HQ today!


Today is the last day of the NRF Big Show in New York City, the largest show in retail that kicks off the year here in the Big Apple. While yesterday was jam-packed with people, talks, and demos of the latest and greatest technology impacting the retail world, one event stole the show – the fireside chat with Richard Branson.


Branson talked a lot about innovation and how he himself had to make some tough decisions along the way while evolving his own retail businesses.

“When we saw the handwriting on the wall for Virgin Megastores we decided, well, we don’t have to keep being a retailer. We looked at what products were selling well in our stores. It was the early days of mobile phones, so we decided to start a mobile phone company.” 

While a lot of topics were covered during the talk, I think it’s fair to say there was one sentence that has resonated through the show ever since it left Branson’s lips, in fact it’s even on the front page of the daily for today:


In his talk Branson stressed the importance of retailers thinking like Entrepreneurs, embracing all of the technology and change taking place that they’ve traditionally been slower to adopt.

“I know it’s easy to glibly say this, but I think people who own retail stores should not think of themselves as always being retailer. They need to be entrepreneurial, and they need to spin off businesses on the back of their retail can make them money to help the retail stores survive.”

Yesterday I covered three key retail trends emerging from NRF and it’s things technologies like AI, VR, and IoT that the most cutting edge retailers are embracing and using to grow their business and improve the customer experience.

While five years ago it might have been okay for a retailer to slowly dip their toe in the water of innovation, like Branson said, now is the time to think like an entrepreneur and dive right in.

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3 key retail trends emerging from NRF 2017


I am in New York City this week for NRF, which is known as “The Big Show” since it really is the biggest show in the retail world. One of the best things about NRF is that it kicks-off the new year so it’s a great place to get a pulse on the upcoming retail trends.

With so many talks, events, retailers, brands, and technology companies all in one place one thing is clear, innovation is in the air. We’re still only halfway through day one but here are three trends that are already emerging as hot topics in retail in 2017:

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Last night Google did a presentation about the key trends that they are seeing this year and when it came to new technologies that they see new retailers must integrate, AI was one of the top three. Closely tied to this is how data can change the game when AI and ML technologies can tap into rich data sources. There’s a great quote from the CEO of Intel from the conference about how data really is disrupting the world in so many ways:

“Data is disrupting and transforming the world, just like oil did many years ago.” (Brian Krzanich)

Just about every presentation at the show that talks about new technology touches on how AI is changing the game. Back in December Nordstrom announced they launched their first chatbot and infusing AI into the shopping experience is definitely a hot topic this year at NRF.

The clear takeaway here is that whether a customer is shopping on a mobile device or in-store, AI is being used more and more by top retailers to provide a more personalized experience. Some retailers are still playing catch-up and there’s a clear message this year that those who don’t catch-up will be left behind.

2.Virtual Reality

This morning Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel kicked things off by talking about the future of VR technology and the impact it will have on retail.


The possibilities really are endless but the idea of offering immersive shopping experiences in VR have gone from a pipedream to a reality and companies like Intel are helping to lead the charge with some of the world’s most innovative retailers. In his keynote this morning Brian said:

“How can we create customer experiences that give retailers more control?”

With VR retailers will have more control over how their customers experience the shopping experience in ways they never could before in a physical store. This really does mean re-thinking the shopping experience from the ground up as consumers move from physical shoppers to virtual buyers.

3. IoT

There’s a good chance that IoT has already a part of your life as a consumer. Whether you use an Alexa to turn on and off your lights, or a NEST to control your A/C it’s no secret that IoT has become a normal part of our everyday life.

For retailers, the opportunity to leverage IoT spans a wide spectrum from advanced in-store experiences to completely new ways of shopping from your home. A lot of people have been tweeting about and referencing a new article from the Huffington Post that puts IoT as one of the top three trends in business tech.


Of course you can see AI in the #1 spot which is why I also listed it as the top trend coming out of NRF because it clearly is the hottest topic this year. Well there’s still a lot of NRF to go so stay-tuned for more updates from the Big Apple!


I have been using for a long time, when it comes to safely and securely buying or selling domains, they’ve been the gold standard for a long time. Some time ago the company was acquired by Freelancer and since then a series of updates and upgrades have been rolled out.

One of the first updates was a nice clean refresh of the UX to what you now see today:


Unless I’m buying or selling a domain for $500 or less I always use to make sure my transactions are completely secure. Of course, it’s hard to be 100% secure but has always been the leader of the pack when it comes to security…now they just got even more secure.

Hats off to DNW for tipping me off to this change today in a post announcing’s new verification process:

In order to send or receive payments to a personal account, users will have to provide a copy of a government-issued ID (such as a drivers license) and proof of personal address (such as a utility bill).

Businesses will need to provide a copy of a representative’s government issued ID, proof of address of that representative, and company registration documents. (Source – Domain Name Wire)

I’ve done transactions as high as $850,000 with, and yes, that’s a pretty big number (for me at least!) so I can tell you that takes a whole lot of trust. While I’ve always felt pretty darn safe using, this definitely makes transactions through the leading Escrow platform even more secure, which is always a good thing. It’s always great to see a service you have known and trusted for years get even better, and especially when better means even more safe and secure.

Congrats to the whole team, it’s been great to see the commitment to innovation and security, not a bad way to start out 2017!


Beware of fake comments on domain blogs

Don’t believe every comment you read on domain blogs. While many do come from real people who are commenting as themselves, lately there has been an increase in “fake” comments where a scammer impersonates someone else.

The latest victim is long-time domain industry veteran and NamePros admin Eric Lyon, here’s what he shared recently about the fake comments:

I enjoy commenting on blogs and I do it frequently but someone is also posting controversial/critical blog comments as “me” that I would never post. They’re putting my name and as the poster of these problematic comments.

For those who know Eric you know he’s a super positive guy and a great contributor to the domain industry. If you see a negative or strange sounding comment from him on a blog…it’s probably not really him.

This is the complexity with blog comments today. Anyone can comment as anyone, all you need to do is put in a name, email address, and throw in a website and you are, well, anyone.

It’s up to us as bloggers to do our best to spot these fake comments and filter them out. Just like all the fake news we’re plagued with today, sometimes it can be hard to spot a fake though so it’s pretty challenging to make sure that every comment comes from someone who really is who they say they are.

Still I’m going to be increasingly vigilant on my blog and encourage other bloggers to do the same. Now this doesn’t mean removing negative comments, I welcome these and people should always feel free to express themselves whether they have something good or bad to say about something I’ve written.

So as I’ve said for years, comment and let your voice be heard…just be yourself!


One of the questions I’m always looking to answer is how a particular company came up with the brand name they decided to build their company around. As many of you know I have gone through this process twice with our startup, beginning our life as Fashion Metric and recently rebranding to Bold Metrics.


Popular brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket has helped many of the startups we all know and love find a solid domain name without the hassle of hiring a dedicated broker or trying to negotiate directly with a domain owner. Companies like Mattermark, Zomato, and Envato got their domains on BrandBucket and the list goes on.


Last year there was a great blog post on BrandBucket that I think is worth reading if you’re a startup founder trying to pick the right name for your company. It’s a look inside the decision process that Stripe went through and like most things, it all started with a bit of a bumpy ride:

This is a tale of failure and redemption that began back in 2010. At that time Stripe was just a fledgling startup called, “/dev/payments.”  The new venture’s goal was to build a payments API that catered to developers. Their odd company name, complete with slashes, was designed to speak to developers who were finding it difficult to add payment options to mobile apps.

However, several things went wrong. For one, their home state of Delaware wouldn’t allow them to incorporate using a company name that started with the slash symbol.  So they changed the symbols to words and filed under the amended brand, “SLASHDEVSLASHFINANCE.”  This allowed them to not only to meet the state filings requirements but also to expand the scope of their business as well. (Source – BrandBucket Blog)

It’s always interesting to see how brand names change over time. When we first started Fashion Metric we could have never known how our business was going to grow and evolve over the years. The process of realizing it’s time for a name change, and then going through that change is no easy task and definitely takes more than just sitting in a room, coming up with a name, and making a press release.

To hear the full story of how Stripe landed on their name you can read the rest of the blog post on BrandBucket here.