My 6th Grade Class

Hello and welcome to my blog! I started this blog back in October of 2007 as a way to move my thoughts from my head, to the web. Since then my life has changed completely and my journey is chronicled on this blog.

Here’s a quick summary of me in five bullet points:

  • Grew up in beautiful Berkeley, California
  • Went to school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Was an early employee at Sonos (now a proud shareholder and avid user)
  • Bought, sold, and brokered over $5M in domain names (and wrote a book about it)
  • Co-founded Fashion Metric, a venture-funded startup that I run full-time with my wife Daina

Currently I spend my days, nights and weekends at Fashion Metric, you can read more about the amazing things we are doing in Silicon Hills News or Venture Beat. If you want to read more about me and my adventures you can also check-out my articles on Medium.com.