$1,000 – $5,000 seems to be the sweet spot for domain pricing 👌

As I’ve said many times before, when it comes to analyzing data around the domain investing world Bob Hawkes is at the top of my list. Bob has an awesome combination of passion for the industry and serious data wrangling chops to put together great analysis and at a solid clip.

So I was pretty excited to see this tweet two hours ago:

Bob Hawkes domain price analysis

Bob did some really interesting analysis looking at the price range of domains across marketplaces and while you can see the chart in the tweet, I’ll post it below as well so you can see it in a bit larger format:

Domain Sales across marketplaces

As you can see, a majority of domains are priced in the $1k – $5k range. I don’t want to steal any of Bob’s thunder here so I’ll stop now and suggest that you head on over to Bob’s post on NamePros to do a deeper dive into the data.

Thanks as always to Bob for taking the time to put this together and for sharing all the awesome insights that he did in the post! 🙌

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