3 simple things you can do to get more inbound offers on your domain names

Over the years I have done a lot of testing to optimize the number of inbound offers I get on my domains. I’ll be the first to tell you that I definitely haven’t mastered it yet, I’m learning more every day, but I can tell you what has worked for me so far. Like most things in life (and especially in Domaining) I learned these by trying lots of things that didn’t work.

Now before I go any further it’s important to point out that if your domain name is junk, you can optimize all you want and you’re likely not going to get any offers. Sorry but BingoLingo123xx0.com isn’t going to catch anyone’s attention no matter how many different techniques you try. Also, remember, the vast majority of inbound offers are going to turn into nothing, this is also why you’d want to do everything possible to increase the volume of offers you’re getting.

All that being said, below are three simple (and free) things you can do to get more offers on your domain names.

1. Use a “For Sale” landing page

Use a service like Afternic or Domain Names Sales where you can easily get a landing page up on your domain that clearly indicates it is for sale. If you think you can make some money parking, use a parked page with a for sale banner, but whatever you do, make sure if someone comes to your domain name in a web browser, it’s clear to them that it’s for sale.

Sounds simple? It is. However I’m amazed at how many people stick with the generic Go Daddy landing page or a standard parked page that doesn’t make it clear that the domain is for sale. Here’s an example of one of my domains using Domain Names Sales:


2. Don’t use WHOIS Privacy Protection

You would think this would be an obvious one but sometimes its not. I’m guilty of doing this when I got started, especially when a registrar gave privacy protection away for free. Most people don’t know that you can send an email to a privacy protected WHOIS email address and it can make its way to the owner. Don’t make it harder for a potential buyer, put an email address in there that you check and keep it up to date if your email address changes.

3. List your domains on a few Domain Marketplaces

It is completely free to list your domain name on marketplaces like Buy DomainsUniregistry, Sedo, Afternic, Go Daddy and many more. Don’t get too carried away but if you list your names on 1 – 3 marketplaces you will get more offers. The more marketplaces you list your names on, the more offers you’re likely to get. Just remember what I said above, if you list junk on marketplaces it still won’t get any offers.


Last but not least, I’ll say it once again – it is absolutely critical to remember that most of the inbound offers you get on your domain names will not turn into a sale. If anyone tells you they get a ton of inbound offers and they’re selling like hotcakes they are probably lying to you.

Be prepared to turn down a lot of offers that are way below what you would think of accepting. Just be patient and remember, the more offers you get, the more likely you are to someday get an offer that’s in the range you’re looking for.

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  • Bob June 4, 2016, 2:06 am

    I absolutely agree with you on what you have said but I also have my own marketplace website which has just been revamped with two new unique features which are linked to GoDaddy Premium Listings & Google Search Images as well as competitive ‘Buy It Now’ prices.

  • pier0 June 4, 2016, 4:25 am

    Does BuyDomains accept listings from third parties?
    I can’t find anything that suggests they do on their website.

  • Maanikamili June 4, 2016, 5:19 am

    I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumble upon on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read articles from other authors and practice something from their websites…

  • John June 4, 2016, 9:00 am

    Almost all the names I have sold over the years have come from a for sale landing page.
    Having said that I don’t think there aren’t enough free good ones anymore like the old Godaddy InstantPage.
    You should think about doing a post on all the available landing page platforms that are out there one day.

  • Nick June 4, 2016, 12:50 pm

    Park your names with Bodis and then connect their Google Analytics tracking to those names. You will eventually see a goldmine of traffic data that you’ve never seen before. Insights on what companies are visiting your parked names, among other data, can tell you lots.

  • Joe June 4, 2016, 8:00 pm

    Afternic with Godaddy lose a lot is not the same when I register in 2007 the sales commission is exorbitant 20% I buy in US dollars and if I sell I get paid in Euros EU is no big deal for me, change currency and apart from all this does not pay for Escrow Afternic have its own Escrow which is very special but unofficially, this is an impediment I buy from Godaddy Headquarters Arizona, three months ago 6 premium new extensions for a total of $ 3000 and now will lose money if I sell only because living in Spain pay in € EU. Not good for my particular change dollars to euros is better for it to change and goodbye afternic.com and godaddy.com.

    Sedo similar to Afternic.com pay to have at Showcase, Top Domains, etc and if not .Com and (dot-de) not enter the great domain auction also pay in Euros at the end my goodbye Sedo. Gmbh. .

    The only ones that are viable for many who leave Godaddy for their customer no longer use email only phone Spain call for support questions and not have no fucking idea and that is to lose 15 minutes for a care that is bad, it is better to leave Goddady, in comments on your post many of your subscribers write that no longer believe in Goddady now winning the game is Uniregistry.com and many Domainnamessales.com the rest apart from Above, Namecheap, and some other more win now many clintes new account.

    Being tired of this market and only buy you better have a medium and high cpc, put in domain parking, shift registers and return to my origins of registar is much cheaper and profitable in turn, is just change the DNS and send to Vooddo.com, ParkingCrew, DomainApps, Dopa.com. etc. monotorizate and collect good money every month, up for sale.

    In my next blog and website hosting and Wordpress.org (not possible with Wordpress.com) be more online advertising, mobile, web content links, ads, videos etc a section for domain names with links to them and web templates to see your ads and CPC traffic and then negotiate benefits and $ US sales figures that if official Escrow ..

    The strategy of Psychology of keywords and my new methods SEM innovatives will be my main online work, domains also be keywords and these have a high CPC my main interest is to provide a new concept of interactive advertising which delight all which you ROI profitability becomes more than 50%.

    I have contacts with advertising agencies in the US and other countries to achieve strategic alliances ..

    Also reach agreements with companies in the US on my research project, development, artificial intelligence and virtual reality of my fashion project for internet, my lawyer in Spain patent and trademark best of the EU be in contact with several universities and companies to reach agreements, want to live the unique experience of being able to achieve with the help and knowledge of the research staff in each of their sciences and subjects of these universities in USA chosen by myself, achieve my dream project come true for a much better future and I remember where you have created, as a person who fought to the end to get what was denied in his own country Spain (EU)

    If I get it with the other people of your country, surely as it happens in many other countries, Spain will give me awards for the achievements and I always think that there will be time to give them if they have put the money due in 1998 much as would be in the global market.

    Send to collect the prize even dog to bark them with a greeting of thanks or other words, so will understand my rejection deserves an award just struggle and own business

    With short enough to make themselves understood, I admire pets for their feelings, because they also have them as any civilized person on this planet earth.

  • doln June 4, 2016, 11:28 pm

    I dont seem to find a place at Godaddy where one can post a domain for sale for free.

    It seems you have to have your domain registered at Godaddy in order to list it. Am I correct?

  • Joe June 5, 2016, 2:52 pm

    I like you to write comments on this post.

    Godaddy.com have a problem if I or you buy the same Godaddy.com 6 new premium domain names the new extensions, resulting in the market place of Godaddy.com offer / counteroffer, offer / BuyNow / 7 Days Auction.

     Not accept any of the three methods of selling premium domains domain names if they are new extesiones, you can only put free domain names. Com and Net, Org, info, biz, cc.esto Godaddy.com Auctions Marketplace and accept.

    I also think that or you invest $ 3000 in Goddady.com and not being able to sell in the same Godaddy.com is not normal, it is their policy, well I leave Goddady to another registrar do tranfers like it or not like it and I won out because Afternic is a zero in its concepts auction buynow and domain parking. there are many other better Flippa, NameJeat, DomainNamessales, Above, or others who are private companies that buy domain names of all extensions negotiating the $ figure and only pay 5% Escrow, and much more is hidden and it is legal before US law.

    Above.com the doors open wide with records better prices, Monetization AutoPilot make money on parking domains, when requested by the buyer go on sale with best $ figure, after selling 10% sales commission and free Escrow, everything from Above.com qjue taste and accepts all extensions for sales.

  • Candace June 7, 2016, 3:31 pm

    So I contacted BuyDomains and Afternic to make sure that I was correct.
    Buy Domains only lists names that are in NameMedia’s portfolio.

    Initially the CSR at BuyDomains told me to contact Afternic about listing names on BuyDomains. However, the CSR at Afternic told me that they no longer work with BuyDomains, and that the domains being sold at BuyDomains are domains in the NameMedia portfolio.

    So, no, one cannot submit domains to BuyDomains, unless there’s a back door or something. If there is, tell me more. lol.

  • Alan Dodd June 11, 2016, 5:49 am

    Yes I could not find any submission link at buydomains.com.

    Maybe the names need to be categorised on the Godaddy/Afternic bulk input spreadsheet?

    • Morgan June 13, 2016, 8:59 am

      @Alan – from my understanding BuyDomains pulls listings from a number of services so you don’t have to list there but domains listed at Go Daddy, Afternic, etc. will be syndicated there. I’ll ping them and ask for a full list of services so we can all know for sure!

  • GamblingDomains August 30, 2016, 10:41 pm

    If you want to sell domains to a specific audience you can be more proactive and seek out those communities or email owners or current websites that might be interested in that domain.


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