A Look At Broadband Penetration Around The World

Broadband access around the world is growing and this infographic looks at the top 20 markets. As broadband penetration grows this is when countries watch more video and other activities that require faster Internet speeds.  Paying attention to broadband growth rates and speeds can be a useful stat for country code investors who may be holding on to some names in some lesser cctlds.  If people don’t have the speed to enjoy things like gaming and streaming some names you own may not be as relevant. As speed increases, those activities can be enjoyed by greater numbers of the population, bringing more interest for certain keywords.

Global Broadband Penetration

Courtesy of NerdGraph

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  • John October 5, 2013, 4:07 pm

    As they say, “the devil is in the details” —
    1) define broadband — at least how many Mbps? The definition of “broadband” is constantly manipulated by politicians, bureaucrats, and carriers for their own purposes;
    2) break down the broadband definition further by wired and wireless types, and the actual subscribers in each category AND the actual average monthly usage per subscriber, per category, in each nation;
    3) show the actual cost of broadband (per type/category) to the consumers in each nation, including average cost per Mbps.
    Without this information you cannot have a meaningful analysis of current “global broadband penetration” — e.g., I may be a “broadband subscriber” but only use a “little data” monthly because it is “cost prohibitive” — hardly the type of “broadband penetration” that Google or anyone else in the industry considers true, commercially viable “broadband penetration.” Finally, is the broadband internet available in a given nation limited by government practices including surveillance, or by the ISP, or otherwise filtered, censored, or metered?


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