MorganLinton.com was started in October of 2007 when Morgan first started buying and selling domain names. Since then it has become one of the most-read blogs in the domain name space and more recently a popular destination in the startup and venture capital world. Morgan has been mentioned in broad-based publications like Forbes, domain industry specific publications like DNJournal and startup-specific sites like VentureBeat.

So who is Morgan? Here’s a quick summary in five bullet points:

  • Born and raised in Berkeley, California
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University
  • After college was an early employee at Sonos (now a proud shareholder)
  • Has bought, sold, and brokered over $5M in domain names
  • In 2012 Daina (Morgan’s wife) and Morgan co-founded Bold Metrics, a venture-funded startup currently headquartered in San Francisco, CA

Currently Morgan spends his days, nights and weekends at Bold Metrics – yes, running a startup is an all or nothing thing. If you want to read more about Morgan and his adventures you can also check-out his articles on Medium.com.

Want to learn more about Bold Metrics and Morgan’s favorite weekend activity? You can read more about both here.