Morgan Linton Copenhagen

Hi there 👋 and welcome to my blog.

I started MorganLinton.com when I first started buying and selling domain names back in 2007. Since then it has become one of the most-read blogs in the domain name space and  a popular destination in the startup and venture capital world. I’ve been mentioned in broad-based publications like Forbes and NPR, domain industry specific publications like DNJournal and startup-specific sites like VentureBeat.

So who the heck am I? Here’s a quick summary:

  • I was born and raised in Berkeley, California
  • I have a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University
  • After college I was an early employee at Sonos (now a proud shareholder)
  • I speak English, Spanish, a little Japanese and am currently learning Korean
  • In 2012 I co-founded Bold Metrics, a venture-funded startup based in San Francisco, CA

Currently I spend my days, nights and weekends at Bold Metrics – yes, running a startup is an all or nothing thing.

Want to learn more about Bold Metrics and my favorite weekend activity? You can read more about both here. Thanks for reading!

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Morgan Linton was born in Berkeley, California but spent nine years traveling the world as an early employee for digital music startup Sonos. In 2007 Morgan founded Linton Investments, a domain name and branding company that has helped some of the most recognized startups in the world acquire their top choice domain name. In 2012 Morgan left his full-time job to co-found Bold Metrics, a startup building technologies that make it easy for online shoppers to buy clothes that fit and arming retailers with more data than ever before.