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I’ve now had a couple of months to really get under the hood and play-around with Epik. This has been a controversial player bringing some of the most spirited comments I’ve seen on my blog yet. However, one thing I’ve found with companies that push the limits and redefine the status quo is they get their share of critics. Just look at wildly successful startups like AirBnB or Groupon and you’ll find some incredibly harsh critics, people who claim their lives or businesses have been ruined by the service. Then there’s the rest of us, everyone else who actually sees it for what it is, a true innovation and massive step forward.

epik_siteOne of the first people I spoke with about Epik was Ian Lopuch, a good friend of mine who has been using Epik for a while now. Ian and I spent over an hour on the phone talking about Epik, his experiences, and how he’s using it to grow his investments. Ian has the problem that so many Domainers have, some truly great domains with good search volume and CPC but not enough time to build them out. We’ve worked with Ian over the years to build-out a number of his top properties but it wasn’t until Ian started using Epik that he really made the leap.

Ian has a goal that I think so many Domainers have – to build-out every single domain that he owns. The difference between Ian and most other Domainers is…he’s actually doing it, and Epik is making it possible. So far he has over 100 domains developed, 60 of which are built-out thanks to Epik. Ian has taken the time to put at least two articles on each Epik site and as I’ve said time and time again, content is king. Ian’s experience with Epik has been great, he is developing his names, making money, and building real assets.

Now Epik is making big moves to make it easier than ever to acquire, build, manage, and divest all from within the Epik platform. I have been very happy with the Epik as a registrar since I can manage domains I’ve registered through any registrar, not just Epik. I can easily see all my domains, from all of my registrars, in one place and list them for sale on the Epik marketplace or develop them through Epik or DevHub. Not only does this make the acquisition and development process seamless, but selling your domains becomes a lot easier. To show this process I thought a picture would only go so far, so I put-together the video below:

As you can see the process is completely seamless whether your domain name is registered with Epik or not. Epik also solves the age-old problem of complicated domain transfers. If both buyer and seller are using Epik the process is instant with the funds going to the seller and the domain name plus website going to the seller. Let’s not gloss over this detail here because it’s a big one. Notice that I said the domain name and the website are transferred. This can be one of the most complicated processes on the planet, you buy a domain from someone and not only have to transfer the name to your registrar but also have to deal with the complications of website migration.

Epik makes it easy by transferring the entire asset from Epik account to Epik account, and it’s instant. On top of that Epik has now made it possible to sell domains commission free and tax free. This is a first, and it will save Domainers lots of money. They do this because within the Epik platform the domain name never becomes cash, it remains virtual property, it simply changes accounts. No commission, no taxes, seamless smooth transfers of domains and websites – only on Epik.

Soon Epik will be adding complete integration with DevHub which means that in a matter of minutes you can register a domain, put a website on it, and put it up for sale in the marketplace. Along with DevHub integration Epik is also offering full hosting with cPanel support which means buying and selling WordPress sites can be just as seamless as with Epik-built sites. This is a big one for me since I’ve always found it is very challenging to transfer a WordPress site after a sale leaving the buyer confused trying to configure MySQL and move all the right files into the right folders.

Acquire, build, manage, and divest – turning domain names into brands and then allowing for those brands to be sold and transferred as frictionless and cost effectively as possible. Want to learn more? Create an account with Epik and try it out for yourself! In my next post I’ll be taking you all under the hood of Epik’s new Product Portal platform and showing you how to add unique content, optimize your site for SEO, and build a top-notch site with Epik. Of course, when you want to sell the asset you can feel confident knowing you won’t pay once cent in commission or taxes and the transfer process will be smooth and painless. It’s the Epik way and yes, it’s an epic move – but somebody had to get there first, right?

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  • Tony November 17, 2011, 8:47 am

    Is this a paid post?? If not, you may want to discuss the downside, like goog not ranking their sites due to spam like technics used they develop out whyour domains. etc.

    • Morgan November 17, 2011, 8:49 am

      Hi @Tony – this is not a sponsored post. Epik is a sponsor of my blog but this is a post I wrote based on my experience and interviews with other Epik users.

      As always I encourage my readers to share their own experiences so feel free to add another comment and share yours with Epik. From what I can see only a very very small group of people have had a negative experience with Epik, most people I talk to absolutely love the service.

  • Rob Monster - Epik November 17, 2011, 9:11 am

    @Tony – It is good to raise the topic of Google. There is no question that the free lunch from Google is increasingly hard to get. That said, from the outset, Epik’s emphasis has always been to deliver an integrated platform to Acquire, Build, Manage and Sell domain names. Low cost development is a part of that, but only a small part.

    As context, Epik’s main customer is typically *not* a domainer, but rather a person who has the time and the knowledge to create a useful website. The passive set-it-and-forget-it domainer can still leverage the Epik platform by doing initial development and selling the “move-in ready online business” to an end-client who will do the hard work for care and feeding the website with useful and original content that is the foundation of any online brand that is going to be viable for the long-term.

    Domainers recognize that the wholesale market for domains is in the doldrums. There is general agreement that the future of domains is with the end-users and developers. Epik intends to bridge that gap between the sources of supply (domainers) and the sources of long-term retail demand (end-users). The Epik marketplace, tied to the Epik registrar platform, is a significant step towards enabling seamless delivery of domains and developed sites.

  • Morgan November 17, 2011, 9:42 am

    Really good point Rob is making here. So many people want to simply change their nameservers and watch their domains rank well in Google and bring in the big bucks…this is not how it works.

    As I said in my post if you look at people who are successful with Epik like Ian Lopuch they are putting relevant, unique content on their sites and treating them like real brands.

    Just think about it, if you bought a piece of raw, undeveloped land, you can’t expect to put a house on it in 24-hours and have tenants move-in and love the place. You need to still take the time to do it right, Epik makes the process much quicker and efficient while offering a complete end-to-end solution.

    Anyone that promises that they can take hundreds or thousands of domains and get them on the first page of Google with no work whatsoever is lying to you.

  • rj November 17, 2011, 1:00 pm

    What scares me is all the stories I hear from people who use EPIK and got de-indexed or banned from Google. That’s a huge concern. Has that been addressed?

  • Korey Martin November 17, 2011, 2:26 pm

    Great post Morgan. Yes i have some of my names with epik and i will be building more with epik.
    Epik is very fast. All i have to do is do my part with branding and driving traffic. Epik saves me the time of of building them out myself. Thanks Epik & Rob.

  • PPC Ian November 17, 2011, 2:32 pm

    Awesome post, I cannot wait for the next one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sincerely appreciate your mentioning me. It was really great catching up on the phone and chatting about some of my favorite topics: domains, making money online, and Epik.
    All the best,

  • RK November 17, 2011, 3:49 pm

    I have plenty of websites with Epik and I have to say that judging by my experience Epik doesn’t do anything wrong in terms of SEO etc. Some unfortunate things happened in the past, some will happen in the future. It’s life, nothing you can do about it.

    For those who concerned about being deindexed from Google due to low quality links I have to say(Morgan forgot to mention it in his post) that now developer has an option to choose whether to display PPC ads or sell the actual products from the site. I get in touch with Rob from time to time and I know that there are plenty more changes that are coming within the next few months. I’m surprised I didn’t see any blog posts about them(yet), but I’m sure they will follow in the near future.

    And BTW(again judging by my own experience), ppc ads that are displayed on Epik sites have nothing to do with deindexing. With the latest Google PR update 2 of my sites actually GAINED pagerank and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    To build with Epik or not is, of course, everybody’s own business, but I gotta tell you: I’m gonna keep on going.


  • ุดู‚ู‚ ู„ู„ุจูŠุน ููŠ ุงู„ุงุฑุฏู† January 16, 2012, 2:53 pm

    Awesome post, I cannot wait for the next one. I sincerely appreciate
    your mentioning me. It was really great catching up on the phone.

  • ุดู‚ู‚ ู„ู„ุจูŠุน ููŠ ุงู„ุงุฑุฏู† January 20, 2012, 2:13 pm

    Great post Morgan. Yes i have some of my names with epik and i will be building more with epik.

    Epik is very fast.

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