Affiliate Summit West 2012 – Meet Market!

The Meet Market is probably my single favorite event at Affiliate Summit. This gives attendees the chance to meet a ton of affiliate marketing companies all in a very short period of time. The companies all occupy small tables so they can jam hundreds of companies in a single room.

affiliatesummit_meetmarketFor Brand Developers like myself this is the perfect opportunity to find the perfect affiliate program for each niche you specialize in. This year I’m looking for a good partner for along with a number of other credit/debt sites we operate. In particular I’m looking for CPA programs that have shorter lead forms that will result in higher conversion rates.

affiliate_summit_meetmarket2After about an hour of walking the floor I had found tons of great options for a number of my sites spanning niches from credit/debt, to travel, to fashion. I’ll be sharing which programs I picked and why after the show and I’ll be meeting with some of the programs I liked the most tomorrow in the Exhibit Hall.

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