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I started back in 2007, at that time my blog was hosted at Typepad and it was originally called Domain Flip Blog. Fast-forward eight years later and what started as a personal journal has turned-into one of the most-read blogs in the domain name world.

I couldn’t be more proud of where we have gone over the last 8 years, but I also know that to take things to the next level over the next eight years, we need to do more. Doing more means expanding beyond me and hiring a Senior Editor that will both write articles, coordinate with sponsors (many of whom have renewed for 4+ years) and help add new voices to the blog.

So today I am excited to announce the new Senior Editor of, Chloe Brooks! You can read more about Chloe in her own words, below.

ChloeBrooks_headshotI was a junior in high school when I discovered blogging. I started with a free Weebly site where I would post short stories I’d written. That morphed into a Tumblr blog in college, which became a WordPress site the next year.

You see, I have always written, and blogging was an easy way to share that with the world. When I became the Blog Editor for a news website in college, I knew I was hooked. Blogs were my life.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I got a call from Morgan Linton which turned into an offer to join his team of writers and become the Senior Editor of I would be contributing to his blog on Domain Investing, there was one issue – I didn’t I know what that was.

I didn’t.

So I read his Domain Investing Handbook (and if you haven’t, you should too). And then I spent a few hours perusing And then I realized that I may just be hooked again.

Here’s the thing: To run a good blog, you need a good domain name. To drive traffic to your website, you need a good domain name. To brand yourself and your business effectively, you need a good domain name. This is some powerful stuff we’re dealing with, and even if you never plan to invest in domain names on the scale of some of the industry’s leaders, Domaining is still pretty darn cool.

All I know about Domain Investing I’ve learned in the past two weeks, and I admit, it’s not a lot, but I am passionate about the online world; about blogging; about creating and growing a brand, and most importantly, about good journalistic content. In writing and managing the writing team here on I’ll be drawing immensely on my background in news reporting, and talking to Domaining experts and industry leaders I’ll be using my background in journalism to make a major contribution in taking to the next level.

Thank you, Morgan, for the opportunity to join the team and to usher in the next eight years of!

To read more from me, check out my blog, Tall Drink of Chloe, and my portfolio website,


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  • AbdulBasit Makrani August 19, 2015, 9:36 am

    Hey Chloe,

    Welcome to the new world and I am sure you will enjoy blogging about domains.

    Best of luck and best regards
    AbdulBasit Makrani

  • Andy August 19, 2015, 10:07 am

    She looks spunky! Nice addition Morgan, best of luck.

  • Francois August 19, 2015, 10:08 am

    Welcome aboard!

  • Joe August 19, 2015, 11:43 am

    Well the editor writer who both write in their previous post before leaving this market temporarily and return to it by a need to be lay their environment.

    So I always appreciate their post because they think they have written your Morgan and now they need to hire female staff to do your job not now if not 8 years ago to be another team of writers.

    Do not understand this as if you yourself really write two ebooks contained come from your thoughts to your burden with your own voice on a digital recorder prior to then is a writer who writes it.

    Poor me that ignorance should I have when I write my poems and letters of my handwriting, then make the same arrangement with the composition of music, I considered myself a bad writer and now see and read to be a real writer poet of my next book printed paper.

    I for my next blog whether to have a friend to go over the same content as I write before publishing, but until I can write myself who will finish before review it for final publication.


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