Apple Finally Makes Updating Your OS Quick and Easy: The Mac OS X Lion Experience

As you all probably know I’m a bit of an Apple geek, okay, let’s be honest, I’m a huge Apple geek. What I have always really appreciated about Apple is that they are constantly challenging the norm and innovating and doing things differently then they have ever been done. Now with Mac OS X Lion they have completely revolutionized the process of upgrading your operating system and the process was just too damn cool not to share with all of you.

First, before getting-into the details of the install process let me talk about the price. I have never, not once upgraded the version of Windows I’m running and the main reason is price. I’ve never wanted to shell-out $200 or more to upgrade my PC operating system when Dell is selling new computers for $500. Instead when a PC that I own starts to get a bit old and slow, I just buy a new PC, the idea of upgrading really doesn’t make any sense because Microsoft has made the OS upgrade price so close to the price of a new computer. Apple has been very smart with their OS pricing model by allowing users to upgrade for $30. This completely removes any barriers, there really is no decision to make, $30 for a new OS – done!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way let me talk about why I’m so impressed with the Mac OS X Lion installation process. Apple has streamlined the entire OS installation process by making the new OS available from their app store. All you do is go to the Mac App Store, click on the OS X Lion App, enter your password and boom, the download begins. I’m not sure how long it took to download because I just did this at night before I went to bed but most people I’ve spoken to tell me its taken under an hour.

I woke-up in the morning and there was a super-slick circular icon on my dock, I clicked it and here is what I saw:

macosx_lion_install1Is that clean or what? Sorry, but I’m just constantly blown-away by how simple, clean, and fun to use everything Apple creates is. I was actually excited to click the “Continue” button just to see what the rest of the install looked like. After that you literally just pick your hard drive and the operating system begins installing, no inserting disks, no entering endlessly long strings of numbers and letters, it all just happens.

Just like that the OS was installed and honestly I feel like I’m using a brand-new computer. I’ll be doing a separate post on Mac OS X Lion and all the cool features Apple added however I just had to cover the innovation they’ve made in the OS installation space. Apple has made installing an OS so convenient that you’d honestly have to be crazy not to upgrade, price is no longer an issue and without having to use a physical disk or enter one of those insanely long Microsoftian serial numbers the process is completely painless.

Stay-tuned, next week I’ll be covering Mac OS X Lion with a special video post showing you some of my favorite features!

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  • owen frager July 23, 2011, 11:58 am

    I hesitated because there is a lot of online rebuke about the real scrolling feature- people hate it-
    tell me what you think!

  • PPC Ian July 23, 2011, 2:38 pm

    Didn’t realize it was only $30, that is a great deal. Done, indeed!

  • AndyO July 23, 2011, 6:04 pm

    It is very cool, isn’t it?
    I’ve only been playing with it for 24 hours and every time I go to do something, I find something subtle that they’ve changed or enhanced.

    Do you use a MacBook or iMac for your day to day stuff, Morgan?

    • Morgan July 23, 2011, 6:18 pm

      @Andy – absolutely! I’ve been having a great time uncovering new features!

      I have three Apple computers at home, the main computers I use are a brand-new 13″ MacBook Pro connected to an external display and a Mac Mini. The new MacBook Pro’s are smoking-fast and with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse it’s really an amazing experience!

      Buying a Bluetooth touchpad soon since that really is another game-changing feature in OS X Lion!

  • owen frager July 23, 2011, 8:18 pm

    Over a half million downloads today so far. Do the math. A game changer! How many decisions will go to Apple based on this comparison to the higher cost of servicing a lower cost PC? The key here, and a lesson to those developing sites that often gets overlooked, is lifetime customer value. When you connect consumers to others and to you and tether them to an interface that makes it easy to buy. I don’t think the analysts in calculating traditional stock metrics see the multiple new revenues streams that can be opened from thin air due to the captive customer base.

    I’ve had Apple since 1985. I did more faster for less. No one understood that Apple was the secret sauce of my business. I keep old devices for historical value and have about 30 on hand. Ten in use. I was at a client meeting the other day where each person had an iPhone, iPad and Airbook. They also had cases, cables, service contracts, apps, music and bluetooth headsets. And if they were trading in a PC they also bought MS Office 2011.

    Observe at an Apple store and very few people leave with just the device alone. Outside the mall, waiting for my party to get into the car, I observed 4-5 Apple guys carting out Cannon printers that are too heavy for the customer to carry. Those aren’t even on display in the store.

    Now with the cloud to integrate non-apple os apps like SAP and Oracle, corporations are turning to these devices as standard. I have multiple clients who pay for go to meeting to interact with vendors working offsite. I asked, why don’t we jut Skype. Of course corporate issued PCs don’t have cameras or any of the standards of Apple built in- like image capture, photo editing that rivals the $2000 Adobe Suite, video editing that corps with it have in house employees able to create what used to cost $30K.

    Just wait till you see what’s going to happen in the fall when iCloud opens and the web interfaces with your HDTV. I’ve known for a while. I even used the product years ago. Bottom line is you’ll make more money with Apple at your side.

  • owen frager July 23, 2011, 10:26 pm

    Speaking of overlooked lifetime customer value- why did this 21 year old get $100 million for her site?

  • AndyO July 24, 2011, 7:28 pm

    Nice, I’m still using my Core2Duo MacBook. I’ve been meaning up upgrade for a while but I always get distracted with other Apple goodies.. iPhone, iPad, AppleTV.. I’m a sucker for stuff that works. The new Mac Mini looks mighty tasty though, and with my iPad I’ll rarely need a full PC.. ‘Gotta love the cloud!

    You mentioned the exact word that I think is Apple’s main differentiator compared to HP/Dell etc.. Experience – They don’t sell a product, they sell a user experience.. Apple gear may not do some obscure things that you can do on other makes, but what they do, they do remarkably well, and easily.


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