As VCs and PE firms look for good domains, .CAPITAL is on their radar

One of the things that’s hard to ignore in the world of domain names is the shift some industries are seeing towards context-specific domain extensions. In the startup world we’ve all seen extensions like .IO and .AI take off like a rocket ship and in the VC world the same thing is happening…but not just around .VC domain names.

Today VC firms have a choice when it comes to context-specific domain extensions and one that I’m seeing as a go-to more and more is .CAPITAL. Which makes a lot of sense since not all VC firms are called “Something Ventures” – many are called “Something Capital” and well, .CAPITAL makes a whole lot of sense in this and many other cases.

Here are some examples of VC firms that have made .CAPITAL domains their new home:

Harlem Capital

Light Capital

Scale Capital

And the list goes on.

What I think makes .CAPITAL pretty interesting is that it allows for more broad use than .VC which really only makes sense for VC firms. From private equity to wealth management firms, .CAPITAL makes a lot of sense and it’s clearly seeing growing interest.

.CAPITAL domains only cost ~$14.99 to register which is quite a bit cheaper than .VC which sell for usually 3x that. Of course, I don’t think a VC or PE firm is going to care much about saving $30 – $40 but I do think this also makes it a bit interesting for investors who can hold inventory at a much lower cost.

It’s pretty clear that .CAPITAL is getting used more and more and as we’ve seen with so many domain extensions, the more people that use it, the more people see it, and the cycle continues.

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  • KT January 28, 2021, 2:15 am

    .capital is a good one, .ventures is another one(has about 55% of .vc registrations).
    As you mentioned in the past, .finance has seen explosive growth since August(doubled), used by many DeFi projects($25B currently locked/invested through such projects, not taking into account token prices and market caps).

    There are many ngtlds widely used by end-users but compared to cctlds they are not as popular among domain investors. .app for example has more registrations than .io, it has recorded a public six-figure sale, many end-users have no problem spending $500/yr-$2000/yr renewing some of them but I feel most investors would regard any keyword in .io as a much better investment for the same price(not saying that it isn’t, but the difference is small).

  • Sol Adoni March 14, 2021, 12:58 am

    If any VC or PE firms want their industry keyword

    PS our brokerage One Domains just listed

  • Rose April 11, 2021, 3:33 pm

    Awesome points but the .capital extensions are on average $80, not $15, and cost more than the .vc which go for $32 on namecheap.

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