Best TLD's for Investing Long-Term

As a domain flipper as well as domain investor I oftentimes try to break-up my domains into two categories – short and long term investments. Just like stocks I think that different TLD’s represent different time-windows for investing. Currently I’m placing my bets on .mobi, .net, .info, .cc, and .ws as good TLD’s for long-term investments. These are TLD’s that I don’t think will really reach their full potential until 2-3 years from now.

In a domain market with more and more new TLD’s though there’s bound to be some critical mass where new TLD’s stop becoming good investments. I’d be interested to hear what you think? Are .cc and .ws the sleeper TLD’s of 2010? Will .mobi ever really take-off or will phones with full-featured browsers render this TLD obsolete? It’s an interesting time in the domaining industry and as an investor it’s always important to speculate. You won’t be right all the time…but the few times you are right make it worth it.

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  • DCMike77 January 18, 2008, 5:40 pm

    You need to provide some more insights rather than just listing random domains YOU think will be successful.
    Take a look:
    All of these domains you mentioned are on the downward trend.
    And .net?:
    That’s probably the worst of them all if trends continue.
    How about .tv? It’s on the significant up and you don’t even mention it?

  • Morgan Linton January 19, 2008, 9:48 am

    Thanks for your comment. I am happy to elaborate more on why I think these particular TLD’s are going to become more popular.
    When I discuss good long-term TLD’s what I am looking for is a TLD that is easy to type, has started to see some early sales (usually at very low prices) and has lots of speculators buying good names. To me, this represents a good potential long-term investment.
    If I fast-forward to 5 years from now – I’d imagine it would be pretty hard to get, or and those names would demand a reasonably high-price. Even if the .cc TLD never takes-off, a good name will make a great long-term investment because it is a scarce resource.
    The person who originally bought probably never expected it to sell for $129,800 – but that represents a good long-term investment.
    A TLD that is a good long-term investment should have a relatively light search volume. If the search volume is high – this is not a long-term investment. It might be a great short to mid-term investment but let’s face it, the TLD has been discovered. When I started buying .cc names – almost every name I could think of was available, same with .ws. I find now that there are still great .cc and .ws names available.
    While I think .tv is a good TLD, I don’t think it represents a great long-term investment. If you can find a good name you can still certainly sell it in a few years for a huge profit – I just think there are more premium .cc and .ws names available for the taking right now – which in the end will be your best long-term investment.
    Please remember, in the end, this is all subjective. I write this blog to help let people in on how I think about domain investing and flipping. There are a million ways to play the stock market, and the same is true for the domain market. My blog is always going to express my own opinion and experiences, however it is important for everyone to express their opinion when it differs from mine.
    What makes the blog community so great is this dialog. Thanks for the comment and I’d be very interested to hear other people’s thoughts on good long-term TLD investments.

  • Irina June 20, 2008, 10:36 am

    Agree. CC is a long-term investment. A short rememberable extension, easy to pronounce and hard to confuse with any other extension. Two same letters. Thats a great potential.
    And its perfectly normal that people are not rushing to grab them as many as possible. People are careful about new things. And i dont mean the time cc is on the net, i mean the exposure it got so far. It is still new for most internet users, i think.
    But when it becomes wide-spread, careful people will be thinking ‘why didnt i buy couple of them when there were hundreds of nice ones available for few dollars’. 😀
    Instead, I cant see why using a .tv domain would be beneficiary for any website not somehow related to television. IMHO, sounds ridiculous, especially imagining a tv channel that is showing cheeseburgers all day…
    I might be wrong, but I trust sound mind better than any trends and statistics. They change. 😉


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