Goes No Reserve – All the Way has announced that they will no longer be offering a guaranteed sales price to their sellers. For those unfamiliar with this service – Bido had initially offered sellers a "guaranteed price" that they would be paid for the sale of their name, even if bidders didn’t reach the agreed-upon price.

For me I think this is a change for the good. The idea of a no reserve auction with a reserve for the seller can create a different dynamic than a traditional no-reserve auction would have. So in my mind, rather than removing this feature, they have done quite the opposite – they have decided to go no reserve all the way!

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  • ahmedf July 4, 2008, 6:09 am

    Now Sahar can buy back all the names even cheaper. See any good name submitted at a reasonable price will never make it to action. The team will buy them for themselves. They are tasters, phishers and smart cookies. We are dumb, dumb, servants to these domain masters.

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