Big Night For HBO: Silicon Valley Premier + Game Of Thrones Season 4

Something tells me this will be a massive weekend for HBO to acquire (or re-acquire) subscribers thanks to two shows with a lot of buzz behind them. Without a doubt Game of Thrones has kept HBO on the map as one of the most relevant and quality television networks on the planet. Honestly, each episode of Game of Thrones is like watching a Peter Jackson movie.

Tonight the long-awaited Season 4 begins and as I can already see on Twitter, people all over the world will be staying up until all hours of the night to watch it. (view #GameOfThrones on Twitter)


On top of the return of Game of Thrones a brand-new show, Silicon Valley premiers and yes, it too already trending on Twitter. Unlike shows in the past that have attempted to turn startup life into a reality show, Silicon Valley is a sitcom that actually pokes fun at some of the adventures startup founders go through.


While I’m excited about Silicon Valley, I’ll be honest, Game of Thrones is definitely the highlight for me. We don’t watch many TV shows but GOT has been a mainstay for us ever since we got into it last year.

Something tells me that many of us will do doing the same thing at 9PM tonight, enjoy and get ready, winter is coming!

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  • albert April 7, 2014, 3:35 pm

    I don’t know what it is about Game of Thrones, but my wife absolutely loves it and no one can basically speak to her while it is on.
    I mean, seriously, going back to the dark ages, seeing how society was so gruesome, you get my drift.

    On the other hand, Silicone Valley seems to be interesting. People working hard trying to make something of themselves and not rely on government handouts.

    Of course, business bashing seems to be in these days.
    Work hard, become successful and you are evil

    However, if you simply win the lottery, well then, you are a hero.


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