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This just in – Domain Name registrar Epik has acquired and, two businesses run by Troy Rushton, the original founder of Protrada.

If you don’t remember Protrada, it was making news back in 2011 when it built a platform for domain investors. Here’s the skinny on Protrada from Andrew at DomainNameWire after he had the chance to sit down with Troy to walk through a demo:

Last week at TRAFFIC I had a chance to sit down with the team behind ProTrada, a (beta) system for buying domain names across multiple platforms.

The idea is simple: find the best domain names available on exchanges and expired domain sites and get them for the lowest possible price.

The basic features of ProTrada are nothing new; it’s how they’re all brought together that makes this a killer application. ProTrada has married domain searching with bid management. Big scale domainers have their own internal tools for doing this. ProTrada has brought it to the masses at $49/month.

(Source – Domain Name Wire)

I was equally impressed with Protrada and wrote about it here. After Protrada Troy and team moved on to build other solutions, one for brokers aptly named NameBrokers, and another – a marketplace called NameInvestors.

Personally, I always thought Troy and his team were some of the best at building Dashboards and while I’m not a domain broker, if I were, I could see a platform like NameBrokers being pretty handy. As for NameInvestors…well, we all know there are a zillion marketplaces out there, it’s a tough game but one that Epik will now likely be making a bigger move into.

Now that Epik has both NameBrokers and NameInvestors they have a solid foundation for domain brokers and investors to layer on top of their registrar business. Congrats to Rob and the team at Epik, this seems like a nice addition and likely a good win for Epik customers around the world!

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  • Rob Monster - Epik September 25, 2019, 10:49 am

    I think the real gem there is this one:

    We bought it for the Microfinance program we are developing:

    The courses will be mostly FREE. This is about digital empowerment.

    I want to thank Troy Rushton for letting Epik adopt his baby.

    I also want to thank Board Director, Braden Pollock, for his great initiative in bringing the opportunity to my attention at the perfect time.

    Although Braden and I see some things differently, we have an increasingly productive partnership, I am very thankful for Braden!


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