Breaking: The Register – Building your site on a new gTLD may provide SEO benefits

One of the big questions in everyone’s mind surrounding the new gTLDs is how they will fare in search engines like Google and Bing. Yesterday The Register took a deep dive into two SEO studies that were done on the new gTLDs that show there could be some meaningful SEO benefits to putting a site on a new gTLD.

“If you want to get higher up Google’s search rankings, it turns out that using a new dot-thing domain – such as .guru or .ninja – may give you the edge.” (Source – The Register)

One of the studies they examined looked at the new .BERLIN domain extension and compared it to Germany’s own .DE to see if a website could get an edge ranking for terms with “Berlin” in them using the new TLD, here are the results:

“dot-Berlin domains consistently did better than the same domains under the German dot-de top-level domain, or the ubiquitous dot-com, when people where web searching for things in Berlin.” (Source – The Register)

Of course Matt Cutts from Google was quick to comment on the article saying:

“Sorry, but that’s just not true, and as an engineer in the search quality team at Google, I feel the need to debunk this misconception. Google has a lot of experience in returning relevant web pages, regardless of the top-level domain (TLD). Google will attempt to rank new TLDs appropriately, but I don’t expect a new TLD to get any kind of initial preference over .com, and I wouldn’t bet on that happening in the long-term either. If you want to register an entirely new TLD for other reasons, that’s your choice, but you shouldn’t register a TLD in the mistaken belief that you’ll get some sort of boost in search engine rankings.” (Source – Matt Cutts)

So did the Register try to make a story out of this or do these studies show an edge that new gTLD owners will have that Google doesn’t want to see get out of control? I personally think it’s still far too early to know and these studies will need a lot more data before they can convince me of anything.

What do you think? Will new gTLDs be an SEO dream or is it just a bunch of media hype?

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  • Acro October 23, 2014, 8:23 am

    The TW report is very clear: keyword+gTLD pairs rank the same way, if not better, as web sites built on exact match domains would.

    The German report is about local search, in Berlin: searches made within Berlin rank dot .Berlin web sites higher than .de and .com.

    So the common denominator is development. From these reports, the gTLDs that are form pairs with the domain keyword should rank well. Don’t expect the same for XYZ.

  • Jean Guillon October 23, 2014, 8:45 am

    The post from Matt Cutts is dated Mar 14, 2012 and Google is starting to launch its own TLDs. It this has not already started to change, it probably will.

  • Joe October 23, 2014, 5:14 pm

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    I say this because many of you or almost every study to be Seo and Sem, I have other strategies and methods

    Times change and technologies also change and be better than before just missing the ingenuity and innovation to hit the target.

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  • George October 24, 2014, 10:42 am

    The lower the renewal fees, the more likely it will be that a TLD will be flooded w/ thin affiliate sites / parked pages. With the higher renewal fees that these new gTLDs are charging, it stands to reason that there will be more end-users actually developing sites. I’m guessing that the new gTLDs will have a comparatively higher % of actual quality sites (relative to total registrations) which might explain the SEO-benefits effect.

  • Senior Tycoon November 7, 2014, 4:41 pm

    This is a fascinating question with probably a binary answer. I’m agreeing with most of what you’re saying about new gtld’s being for developers rather than domainers but its becoming clearer what type of new tld’s have the best prospects. The ones that make sense in a phrase and particular the sub group of those that are putting in a marketing effort. I’m voting for .club right now. Could you do a post on your top 3 .gtlds for late 2014 / early 2015?
    Thanks for your articles.

    • Morgan November 7, 2014, 6:41 pm

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts @SeniorTycoon. I don’t think I could narrow it down to 3 but I do think that some number of new gTLDs will see mass consumer adoption and a solid reseller market. I do agree that .CLUB is definitely on the list of gTLDs I think have a very bright future and that is one of the very few I’m investing in myself as well.


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