Breaking: Verisign CEO Predicts New gTLDs Will Impact .NET

Online publication Datamation just published an article about the new gTLDs and they paint a picture of confusion that seems to be spurred by Verisign. The CFO of Verisign was quoted as saying:

“There is quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace, and I think it’s having some effects on the industry as a total as a whole,” Kilguss said.” (Source – Datamation)

Of course the new gTLDs are a major threat to Verisign which as been the king of the hill for a long time thanks to .COM and .NET. James Bidzos, the CEO of Verisign also commented on the impact new gTLDs could have on .NET:

“While .net is also a trusted brand, he cautioned that it is likely to be impacted by the new gTLDs and potentially confusion issues.” (Source – Datamation)

I personally don’t think there has been much confusion, to be honest I think it will take years until the general public really catches onto what is going on. What I do think we are starting to see is people getting comfortable with something different to the right of the dot and that is without a doubt making a lot of people very uncomfortable.

What do you think? Is the general public really in a state of confusion or do people even know what’s happening yet?


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  • Alan Dodd October 25, 2014, 1:36 pm

    This is a little off topic but related to gTLDs.

    They have another “competitor” to dislodge.

    It’s not even a dot-com. The magnificent Twitterers (is that right?) are now completely used to it.

    So I have a choice, I either set up free bitly which I so love, or go to my godaddy account, remember the password and spend more than a dot-com on another unheard of extension.

    Disruption is a powerful word.

    So is STABILITY and so is POWER.

    We definitely need new domains, but gTLDs have a massive fight on their hands.

  • dltG October 25, 2014, 4:15 pm

    “What do you think? Is the general public really in a state of confusion or do people even know what’s happening yet?”


    I think many are not aware of the new changes, no one will know what’s going to happen until there is a large enough sample size of data to analyze. Maybe 5 years? or after the next roll out?

    Humans are creatures of habit so it will take time for the digital melting pot to transform.

    I know of a few companies who grabbed gTLDs and are now using the domain on thier advertizing and very proud of it.

    Really if companies are on the ball they could secure the best exact match combo of words for thier industry. Taxi.Cabs, Business.Management, Womens.Shoes, Safety.Equipment, Environmental.Consulting, Health.Services, etc., as long as they arent registry reserved…

    All in all I think there is a chance premium gTLDs will have significant value in 20 years. For now its best to have the matching .com, gTLD and ccTLD for a business name imo., and Harrys.Shoes etc.

    Some premium gTLD renewals are rediculous.

    just my 0.02$,


  • JeremyX October 25, 2014, 11:58 pm

    Talk about a great way to solidify the .Com market for at least a few years to come. And the gtld investors are going to reap the benefit in the long run. Disruption. .? Sure . Opportunity. .? You bet!

  • Joe October 27, 2014, 4:48 am

    That you write is a matter that had to happen sooner or later, you can not absorb more than 1000 new extensions for anyone in this market is crazy.

    For my studies in Marketing, Strategy estrar where part of the market economy.

    I see an economic conjuncture which is alternating and expansive and depressive phase in the evolution of today’s market economy.

    I have consulted with other friends my age and younger and all are made ​​to think that too much prominence to run with a purpose to speculate on the benefit of others.


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