Brett Lewis Is Making A Movie – Why I Think This Is Going To Be Big!

Brett Lewis has been my lawyer for around four years now and over the last couple of years I’m proud to call him a real friend. First things first, Brett is one of the best lawyers on the planet, period. Not only is he good, but he cares, and everything he does is always at an A+ quality level. We’ve had some great adventures together and one topic that has often come-up when we’re not talking domains is the film industry.

Brett is a great writer and storyteller and he’s taking his passion to the next level with his film C-Street, a feature film political comedy that he is raising money for on KickStarter. The movie centers on the crazy world of Washington DC and the political scandals that have become all too common. Brett has a made a great clip on his KickStarter page, you can check it out below:

With 16 days to go Brett is making good progress towards his goal. If you’d like to contribute and help make this movie possible make sure to check-out the KickStarter Page For C-Street. I can’t wait to follow the action as this project comes together, because with Brett at the helm I know it is going to be big!

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