Buying Expired Names: Work Smarter not Harder

I’ve always liked the idea of working smarter rather than harder. When it comes to Domain Flipping there are a lot of things that can quickly become a big time-sync. One of these is of course finding great names to flip. So how can you save yourself some time and work smarter not harder?

Rather than searching through long lists of expired domains I set email alerts with the domain expiry services that I use. This has saved me an amazing amount of time as I no longer have to log-onto a website and search through thousands of names just to narrow it down to those that I like. I’m very interested in 7-9 character domains so I have NameJet send me an update everyday of which 7-9 character domains are expiring. I’m also very interested in what other people are backordering to look for trends and continue to understand the market better. Once a day NameJet also sends me a list of the most active backorders.

The idea here is simple, but powerful, and will free-up your time to spend on more important things like building a great flipped site! Don’t spend your time bouncing from website to website looking for the exact type of name you like. Instead – let them do the work for you and work smarter, not harder.

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