Calling all AI startups – you can now easily buy expired .AI domains

When it comes to getting a good deal on domain names, expired domains are often one of your best bets. While this likely won’t be a good solution if you have a specific name in mind, if you’re open to a range of potential options, expired domains typically sell close to their wholesale price.

For years now I’ve been buying .IO domains through a service called and I was excited to learn this weekend that they decided to add .AI to the mix. Here’s a look at some of the .AI domains they already have available for bids right now:


If you haven’t purchased an expired domain name before, here’s a quick primer on how it works. When a domain name expires, the owner is usually notified over, and over, and over again by their registrar to give them a number of chances to renew it. 99% of the time, when a domain expires, the domain owner has decided they don’t want it so don’t want to keep paying the renewal fee.

There’s a common misconception that somehow expired domains are those that people had taken from them or were removed from their account without their knowledge. Unless someone changed their email address after they registered a domain and didn’t update their registrar, they’ll know when a domain is expiring. I have been buying expired domains for ten years and only once in this time period has someone contacted me saying that they had no idea how they lost the domain. In that case, I sold it back to them for the exact price that I paid, and if that ever happens to you, I recommend that you do the same.

On sites like, when you place a bid on an expired domain, other people can bid against you and like most auctions, the domain will sell to the highest bidder. If you want to do a deeper dive into the domain expiration process, Go Daddy has a pretty solid rundown of it here.

I don’t know many places that you can buy expired .AI domains so I am very happy to see that added this, something tells me it will quickly become one of their most popular domain extensions, next to .IO of course.

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  • Nick April 24, 2018, 4:30 am is really cool. Is it possible for us to sell our .io domains on How can we list them there?

    • Morgan April 26, 2018, 7:20 am

      @Nick – right now is for buying expired domains only so you cannot list your own names for sale.

  • Thomas April 24, 2018, 7:56 am

    Great start! I still remember those days in which one word .io names being sold on flippa for a few hundred dollars. Now they cost thousands. was also getting more and more popular at that time.

  • Joseph Peterson April 28, 2018, 1:54 pm

    With the demand of wholesale buyers for .AI concentrated on relatively few sources of supply, these venues will tend to result in max wholesale value. Domainers who buy there will find it difficult to liquidate for similar prices elsewhere, since other venues don’t have this concentration of buyers.

    Domainers may also find themselves competing with retail buyers (end users). In fact, they’ll sometimes outbid those end users, who will turn instead to other .AI domains.

    So it might be easy to get burned. If you’re a short-term flipper, then you might well lose money, given this situation. Long-term investors might do ok, as long as they don’t overpay, as long as they’re patient, and as long as retail demand for .AI doesn’t decline.

    But if you’re buying up a lot of .AI, expecting to sell within a year or 2, then you’d better have a good selling strategy that goes beyond waiting passively for offers.


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