Case Study: Epik Product Portals – Month One

This year I am going to be doing more case studies on my blog than ever before. My first case study about a new Credit Monitoring Site we are building went live on January 4th and now we’re onto our second case study. When it comes to mass development Epik has been in the game for a long time and with some impressive results. Of course seeing is believing so I’ll be doing a case study over the next few months detailing my experiences with Epik from start to finish.

The domain name I am using is, the term “Infrared Camera” gets 14,800 exact-match global searches and a CPC of $4.44. I am using the Epik Product Portal to generate a website on the domain. As you can see from the image below this is light-years ahead of a parked page and does look legitimately like an online store for Infrared Cameras…however we’re going to of course be making lots of tweaks to really make the site shine!

Infrared Camera StoreMy team will be following the same steps that we take with every brand we build, and it all starts with great content. It is easy to add custom content directly through Epik’s product portal GUI. You can add as many articles as you want and we’ll be adding roughly 3-4/month to start.

epik_articlesAs you can see from the image above, new articles can be added by click on the “Articles” button below actions. You can also view your stats as well as edit the site itself from this menu. This will take you to the following screen where you can add custom articles and setup placement options.

We added our first article on January 6th and this week will begin building some basic backlinks to the site. This does not mean building hundreds of spammy links but instead focusing on getting a few good links from related sites. We are using TextBroker for our articles and with 3-4 articles/month I’m looking at a budget of around $40/month in content and about $50/month in paying my team to make changes and tweaks to the site along with adding content.

Right now this domain is a clean slate. According to Google Webmaster Tools it does not rank for any terms. As we continue to improve the site and build a stronger backlink profile I will continue to update all of you. So far this has been a very easy way to build a sophisticated product site. The site is getting no traffic and making $0 – let’s see what we can do going from an undeveloped domain to an Epik product portal. Stay-tuned, as always there’s more to come!

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