.CLUB passes $500,000 in premium domain sales in Q1, approaching $5M in total sales

It’s no secret to anyone who keeps up with the domain name industry that the new domain names extensions (or new gTLDs as industry insiders call them) have had a bumpy start to 2017. This hasn’t been much of a surprise to me, as I’ve said many times before, I think most of the new domain extensions will likely crash and burn, but I do think some will do well and have a bright future for years to come.

One of the new domain extensions that I’ve been the most bullish on is .CLUB and for two reasons. First, it’s a relevant word to tack onto the end of many other words and phrases and second, it’s run by two of the sharpest entrepreneurs I know, period.

Now that we’re officially in Q2 .CLUB has released their premium domain sales numbers for Q1. The total dollar value of all premium .CLUB domains sold in Q1 was $501,139.40 bringing the total .CLUB sales (all time) to $4,844,428.45.

.CLUB has also been selling LL .CLUB domains separately. For those who don’t know what LL means, this just means a two letter domain like PV.club. A third of their LL.CLUB inventory has been sold and these go for an average sales price of $4,020.

Sometimes when I write a positive post about a new domain name extension people confuse it with me suggesting that people brand around these instead of .COM. This isn’t the case. My company (Bold Metrics) is on a .COM, my blog is on a .COM, and most of the investments I make in the domain industry are, you guessed it, .COM.

I am more bullish about .COM than any new domain name extension. That being said, if you want a domain name that costs six or seven figures in .COM and you really want to brand around that word – I’d prefer a new domain extension to adding the word “get” in front of your domain name, or adding the word “online” to the end.

Like I said above, many new domain extension will fail over the coming years, but there are some that will do very well and it’s pretty clear that .CLUB is one of the winners. Congrats to Jeff, Colin, and the whole team at .CLUB – not a bad way to start out 2017!

If you want to read more about .CLUB’s Q1 sales you can read more on the .CLUB blog here

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  • Snoopy April 12, 2017, 8:37 pm

    Most of those “sales” are on credit and in my view have a low chance of ever being fully paid for. If you take out those sales their numbers are down about 30%. The new tlds seem to now be all about propping up declining numbers.

  • John Colascione April 12, 2017, 9:44 pm

    I agree that .club is one of the best for the same two reasons; it has a good ring to it and it goes well with many many words and niches; but more importantly, its the people behind .club. Some people are so great, they make something out of absolutely nothing. Then, when you really give them something of substance to work; look out – great things are going to happen. And that is the story behind .club. It’s not really the extension; it’s the people.

    • Snoopy April 12, 2017, 10:03 pm

      Within a few years it will probably be sold John and those people will move onto something else. Will just be another tld run by a large registry with minimal promotion, look at how .co aftermarket prices have tumbled since their sale.

  • Domo Sapiens April 12, 2017, 11:31 pm

    ‘good ring to it’ means… nothing,
    the public at large doesn’t know this extension even exists,
    How many of the top 10 ‘premium registrations’ are serious End-User developments?
    Classic example of the greater fool theory
    still clinging on the Unicorn coffee.club (yet to see if it is profitable)

  • Joe April 13, 2017, 3:13 pm

    The club is a great extension the only one that survives of many its end is part of many key words and easy to remember and to pronounce.

    I stop expiring many for failure to sell, the courage to give them off is a displeasure but I still keep some. Club of the first to register.

    That in the end I am going to register in hosting and with creative commons to make known what they are to be of value by the contents and the very broad themes of a social life of our time.

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