DNVideos.net Launches Today!

Linton Investments has unveiled its latest creation – DNVideos.net, a website dedicated to premium Domaining videos. This site was inspired by blog readers who have told me over and over again how hard it is to find high-quality, reliable videos about Domaining online. With so many marketing videos and poorly-created tutorials online across a number of different websites from YouTube to Vimeo – it can be a confusing place for the new Domainer.

DNVideos.net was created as a free resource for Domainers to access Domainer-approved video tutorials. Each video is watched in its entirety to ensure that the tutorial stays on-topic and that the content is relevant. We have also integrated a rating system into DNVideos that allows site visitors to rate the tutorials they watch. This will create a rating-system specific to DNVideos so you can know what other Domainers thought about the video rather than just any average YouTube visitor.

So if you’ve been waiting to learn about Domaining but it has all seemed a bit overwhelming – now is your chance to take a break, sit back, and learn from the pros! Think you’ve got a video that’s a good fit for DNVideos? Visit the site and submit your favorite Domaining tutorial for inclusion in the directory. I hope everyone will help promote this new free resource for the Domaining community!

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  • Kwame March 17, 2009, 4:52 pm

    This sounds very exciting, looking forward to learning a lot. This will definitely fill a huge void. Thanks

  • Arbel October 11, 2009, 2:29 am

    Hi Morgan !

    I have an idea for a long time to make a Domaining Video site.

    Every time when i want to see a video related to the domain industry it take me a long time to find videos like that.

    I just search for a domain name to build a site like that.

    I try DNVideos but i saw it is a porn site but then i saw your site DNVideos.net

    Then i went to your site to see if you post a article about the site.

    I discover this article, i am glad you doing it.

    I think you need to put a lot more videos, there is a lot of videos in YouTube from T.R.A.F.F.I.C conventions and a lot more videos from your blog, Chef blog, My blog.

    I think it is highly important , i now dont want to do it because i see that you are doing it, but if you need help or something just let me know.



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