Does putting old content on a new domain hurt your SEO?

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The short answer is, thankfully, no.

Now to clarify a bit more about the question since it’s one that has come up from time to time and I just found an article on that gets to the bottom of it.

There has been some concerns that if you get a new domain and migrate content over to it, that you might get penalized by Google, i.e. they might think you’re trying to game the system. Well it turns out, Google is a-okay with this as they confirmed themselves which you can read about more in this tweet.

Or if you’re too lazy to click that link and read what John from Google has to say, here’s the skinny from below:

John Mueller from Google was asked if it is okay for a site to have content that pre-dates when the domain name was registered or when the site first launched. John Mueller responded that it is okay, he said “It’s fine to host older content on a new domain.”

(Source –

It might not be earth-shattering news for you, but if you have a blog or any site with content on it and you’re looking at changing domains, now you know you can rest easy doing it.

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  • Mark Thorpe September 25, 2019, 6:52 am

    Interesting and good to know. Surprised Google doesn’t penalize you for doing that.


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