Doing outbound on domain names now is a slippery slope

Over the weekend I’ve talked to a few different domain investors who have been doing outbound on their names. As I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks, I wanted to dip my toes back into the outbound waters this week after hearing some really positive feedback from people at NamesCon this year. As I’ve done a deeper dive, I’m realizing how complex this is given everything that’s going on.

As I’ve circled-back with some of the people who had been excited about outbound when we talked at NamesCon this year, many have cited the slippery slope that outbound as become. The reality is, you do have to do more research and really be careful how you craft your emails or you could come across as, well, an insensitive jerk.

The last thing you want to do is email a company that just had to layoff a bunch of people and is cutting costs left-and-right and then shove a domain name in their face. You’re likely going to get a pretty mean response back and yes, you’ll have definitely burned that bridge once things do turn back around.

I think this means that domain investors really do need to do more homework when doing outbound and try to focus on companies that aren’t struggling to survive. As for who the right king of company is to market to at this point in time, I’m not really sure yet but I did find an interesting infographic that shows the top 100 fastest growing and declining categories in eCommerce. This could at the very least give you a bit more data as you’re trying to figure out what domains and companies to focus on for outbound.

The great thing about domain names is they can really make a difference. If a company is struggling, a domain could give them the leg up they need to kick their online business into high gear. Now is the time to make it easier for people to buy from you so payment plans, discounts, etc. those should all be on the table, especially if you’re the one reaching out to them.

I haven’t started doing any outbound yet myself, I’m still in the research phase to hear how others are doing it successfully now and also strategizing on how to do it the right way if I do. As domain investors there are a lot of ways we can make an impact now, but it means doing the right thing, which might mean leaving money on the table (and a lot of it) to help someone in need.

More to come but I would highly encourage anyone who is doing outbound to take a step back and really make sure they’re doing it the right way, and like I said above, not being an insensitive jerk.

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  • Richard B Morris April 6, 2020, 5:42 am

    Morgan….how in the world you think anyone getting an email or even a snail mail promotional piece about a domain name is insensitive is beyond my comprehension.

    Unless it’s snake oil you’re selling and you know it’s snake oil, that’s the only way I’d understand.

    I was at NamesCon in Vegas 2019 but I couldn’t make Austin this year because of a previous commitment. If you don’t mind sharing who some of the biggest proponents of outbound marketing of domains are I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • April 6, 2020, 6:21 am

    ‘outbound’ is domainer speak for unsolicited sales email, AKA: SPAM. Might compare it to being a door to door vacuum salesman…not exactly though. The ‘enduser’ (at least you hope so) knows you are targeting him for what he *HAS*. And you don’t always come across as polite in his eyes, regardless of how ‘professional’ you sound…Ever heard the old saying, ‘everyone is just trying to sell you something’? Outbound and you’re just another one of ‘those guys’.

    Somehow domainers like to send outbound telling ‘enduser’ how much he needs your domain 🙂 Just like the .com’r mindset…they’re never wrong! You NEED the .com if you want to be an effective success!

    Somehow, domainer are ‘helping endusers realize great value’, therefore, everything about the spam is legitimized…it’s educational and informative (I believe they they tell themselves this this)! ‘Nope, not spamming you sir! This is a free domainer lesson buddy! If you don’t buy my .com that I have targeted you with…well then, well then I have other buyers lined up!’

    Seriously, im sure the above have played out more than a few times. People are ALLOWED to be angry at you for sending them unsolicited sales email at *ANY TIME* Ever read the ‘domainers’ get upset over being treated badly in response to their strong-arming? LOL!

    Guy has every right to type whatever the fk he wants the second you spam him guys. I know this article isn’t totally about how to outbound…but shesh I CRINGE at the idea.

    Hey DOMAINERS! How about I start sending you emails to buy a domain landing page website script in just $1k usd? All my friends will send you emails too! If you do choose to do this, you don’t make it complicated. ONE FREAKING SENTENCE is all it takes to make them aware. Write a paragraph and they know you’re lame/desperate!

  • David April 6, 2020, 8:13 am

    Hi Morgan,
    Happy to see you are well and keeping safe!
    Yes in this times people and companies are going through major challenges,
    even companies having incredible sales have huge issues to deal with.
    Great infographic thanks for sharing,
    Take care

  • George In Miami April 6, 2020, 9:38 am

    “Morgan….how in the world you think anyone getting an
    email or even a snail mail promotional piece about a domain
    name is insensitive is beyond my comprehension”.

    What I understood from Morgan’s posting was:
    Be careful, you might get a nasty answer, even if complying
    with all rules. Of course, different strokes for different folks.

    Morgan, Very good information. Thank you for sharing.

    Keep safe.


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