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I thought I’d share some of my recent domain purchases with my readers. I go through phases with my flips – oftentimes inspired by something in my life. I’m currently reading "Next" by Michael Crichton and it made the wheels start turning about genetics-related domains. So here are my latest buys, I’ll keep updating this as I buy domains quite frequently and am happy to share my latest picks:

I’m listing these with Afternic. Now that I have an account manager I can deal with a real person. This is great as I’m looking forward to sharing this list of new acquisitions with him and getting his insight into how good these picks actually are!

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  • Francois December 13, 2007, 5:47 am

    Hello Morgan,
    Without want to be rude TODAY I call this “garbage” (domain metrics are horrible, and extension don’t help).
    I guess you registered these names, not purchased them, exact?
    I noticed that each time one start to buy variations of a term like you did here, 3 months after one say:
    Why I have spend money registering this trash?
    It just happend to me this morning again with a serie I decided to not renew.
    Good luck!

  • Morgan Linton December 13, 2007, 7:47 am

    Not rude at all – the purpose of my blog is to educate! It is good you bring this up because this is why I do domain flipping. While these domains may look like trash to you, I see them as investments.
    The example I always use is people who buy run-down houses and flip them for a profit. They usually have billboards that say something like, “We Buy Ugly Houses”.
    The incredible thing about house flipping is they turn these houses into beautiful homes – this is what I do with domains. I try to find domains in a new or untapped area (in this case genetic testing) and then create webpages, drive traffic to the site, and get the domain listed in every major search engine.
    I’ve found that some of my best flips come from names like these – that might be junk to you, but after the flip become someone else’s treasure!
    Thanks for the post and keep on posting! Great to hear your feedback!

  • 2w December 13, 2007, 2:12 pm

    My Dear Sir Morgan ,
    My Dear Sir Francois has said out all
    what i want2say ,
    if ….
    u like something like ““`testgene”””” ,
    then ….
    u may b better2concentrate all your resources
    n focus them on buying ‘the .com version
    cheers ThANKye 2w

  • Anonymous December 13, 2007, 4:19 pm

    All the good gene/genetics-related .com’s that would be good for flipping are taken.
    One thing that you want to avoid is buying names that nobody will ever want. might be available, but not a really good name.
    Remember, .net is still valuable and .mobi, .cc, and .ws are going to grow in value considerably in the next 2-3 years.
    In summary, I would rather have which is a good name and has good flip potential rather than since this has little-to-no potential.
    This has been my experience with domain flipping. In my audio course I discuss some of the ways to pick a good name for domain flipping.
    Thanks for the comments! Always appreciate the feedback!
    Best Regards,

  • Francois December 14, 2007, 12:42 pm

    Hello Morgan,
    I am back, reading the comments.
    I remember now that your blog is focused on “flipping” so part of your speech has some sense in this context.
    Last year in a forum I explained the main ways to make money selling domains. One of these methods was selling domains having good search engines rankings.
    For these names the domain has low importance because in fact what the buyer is looking for is the traffic the domain is receiving thanks to the good rankings.
    For example I sold 120K this ugly name I registered few years ago:
    The reason of this price was simply because it was top ranked in Yahoo for the term “new homes” (the main term of the buyer’s business).
    So YES, any name should work if what you plan to do is a great SEO job.
    My tip is that you really need to consider a dot com because it’s more appealing for buyers.
    Prefer the version with hyphens if the no hyphen version is taken or too expensive better than search for dot cc, ws, …

  • Anonymous December 14, 2007, 1:20 pm

    Francois, thanks for brining this up. It is important to note that of my domain portfolio, about 90% are .com’s and only 10% are .info, net, .us, .cc, .ws, or .mobi.
    In my Audio Course on domain flipping I discuss “Picking the right name” in this lesson I emphasize the importance of having a .com name.
    The above post was just to give readers some insight into what I am buying right now. For beginning Domainers I would stick to .com’s as these have the highest re-sale value – especially if they have traffic coming to them.
    For my flips, most are .com’s but this batch are going to be 1-2 year flips. With these I spend a lot of time trying to get good search engine rankings and traffic coming to the sites. Then when .mobi’s, .cc’s and .ws’s increase in value (which might never be the case for .cc’s and .ws’s) they will be ready to sell.
    Like a stock investor I keep 10% of my portfolio for “speculation”. I would always suggest that most seasoned Domain Investors grab a few good .mobi’s, .cc’s, and .ws’s. It may end-up costing only about $50/year for a bunch of names that are worth nothing now, but could be worth a fortune later on.
    The trick is, as Francois pointed-out getting good quality traffic coming to your name. If that name is a .com you are set, if it’s another TLD you’re safe to continue to build-up the site until the TLD becomes more popular.
    Remember, without speculation there can be no great surprises. It is these surprises – that make Domain Flipping so interesting.
    Thanks for the comment Francois and have a great weekend!
    Best Regards,


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