Domain Investors weigh in on what NamePros should do about the troll who publicly slandered a top broker on their forum

In case you were living in a cave yesterday, I’ll give you a quick update. A troll on NamePros hiding behind the username @offthehandle attacked successful domain broker Kate Buckley – no data, no proof. I first read about this on TheDomains and since then a number of bloggers have covered the incident.

Some of the most well-respected people in the domain industry have weighed in on this issue, here’s comments from a few:

Shane from put together a list of three things that need to happen and I think he’s spot on with these. If @offthehandle can insult Kate publicly and call her out by name, he shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind an anonymous name, that’s about as cowardly as you can get. I also agree that NamePros should ban this member – letting someone get away with this only hurts the reputation of NamePros IMO.

The silver lining with all of this is that it has been great to see the domain community come together for Kate. Just look at any of the blog posts about the incident and you’ll find countless people who have come to Kate’s defense and shared how disappointed they are to hear about @offthehandle’s ridiculous accusations with absolutely no data or proof to back them up.

I hope NamePros does the right thing here. I think they should take Shane’s advice and do the three things he suggests, it will be good for their reputation and for the community.

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  • Page Howe November 12, 2019, 5:42 pm

    iif i can also contribute i dont think the one post would have caught any fire in a vacumn.. the poster thought he/she was doing a public service.. hey everybody lets go.. and got very little traction. Kate and Ron Jackson’s stripes have been earned many times over… stellar record

    and even the time period, what no site after “a couple of weeks” … wasnt any trouble for me.

    now the elevation to a blog post and listing on mash-ups i thought was maybe unwarranted….
    gave fuel to a fire that would have burned out.

    if a group thinks we have problems with reported sales, id say they picked the wrong example, which may end up hurting their argument, I support Kate 100%, but also wouldn’t say her track record can’t be used to say no issue exists.. just absolutely wrong example imho.

    Page Howe

  • Monte Cahn November 12, 2019, 7:33 pm

    Just saw this. Kate Rocks and always has! Highest regard for her and her contributions to our industry!

  • Ginger Ale November 13, 2019, 4:47 am

    Somehow im reminded of the fight videos i see online where a guy slaps a girl and the guys around them beat the $hit of the guy sometimes going too far……Anyways im sure we can agree she is beautiful:)


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