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I know it’s late, but as you probably know by now, it’s never too late for the Domain Of The Day! Today’s domain is:

Okay, this one I really don’t get yet three whole people (some pun intended) are bidding on it, albeit at a very low price so far. First, let me stop you from trying to justify that this domain has great development potential for a site selling baby stuff, it doesn’t, it just sounds too weird and would take a lot of marketing to get off the ground. That leaves a flip which I would honestly love to find a buyer that would take you seriously. There is a store called Whole Baby that presents itself essentially as the Whole Foods of baby products but do you really want to make money squatting on an organic baby food company’s brand name? Last but not least, sure, there’s a very very very slight chance you could sell to Whole Foods, but I can tell you that it’s going to be an uphill battle.

I know, my Domain Of The Day posts don’t often recommend names but I’m not writing these to make money, I’m writing them to show the analysis processes that should be going through your head. Of course, I’m only one person and I’m only right some of the time (not most of the time), so feel free to chime in and share your opinion below!

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  • todd October 1, 2012, 10:59 pm

    Its funny that you think the name sounds to weird but the marketing geniuses at Whole Foods think its great and thats why they trademarked the name. The company in greenville north carolina didn’t register shopwholebaby. com until 2010 but Whole Foods registered the name “Whole Baby” starting in 2006. The mom and pop store just hasn’t been bothered yet by the mega food giant because good ol mom and pop are actually the ones squatting on the name.

    If you do just a little research you can see that they had a very nice marketing campaign with this name put together by the Cartis Group which plays with the big boys such as New York Life, USAA and obviously Whole Foods. Possible plans are in the works to start the Whole Baby tour again. The domain doesn’t mean much to them because they link their marketing through the main site but maybe they would buy it, you just never know sometimes. Here is a link below to one of their Whole Baby promotions.

  • Wayne October 2, 2012, 7:44 am

    The domain registration date of 2005 pre-dates Whole Foods trademark of 2006, so a squatting assertion would be an interesting (and quite possibly, unsuccessful) pursuit in a UDRP.
    The domain has Privacy associated with it, so we could speculate as to why the domain is expiring, but there are several questions that remain unanswered:
    Who owns the domain? Are they still alive? Do they know the domain is expiring? Do they know there is a trademark on the name? Do they care? Were they contacted by Whole Foods legal department? Is Whole Foods interested in this domain name? And many more…

    Thanks, Morgan. You always get my mind stirring and remind me why I love this industry SO much. There is always something new. And the Brain Trust – you included – who comprises this space, are nothing short of brilliant.

    See you at TRAFFIC.

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