Domaining SEO Sunday: Do You Know How Often Google Updates Their Search Algorithm? I Do!

I was surprised to find-out a piece of very interesting information this week – how often Google updates their search algorithm. No there wasn’t a leak so don’t get excited – instead Matt Cutt’s Google’s own search engine evangelist came-out and spilled the beans. I’m not going to ruin the surprise so you’ll have to watch the video to find-out how often Google updates their search algorithm.

Matt also comments on the importance of quality content – which has remained a key metric in Google’s ranking algorithm along with links from other reliable sources. If you are AT ALL interested in SEO Matt should become your mentor – he is mine and let’s face it – he runs the search world so as far as SEO is concerned he’s the man! You can read Matt’s blog anytime to stay on-top of other SEO and Google-related tidbits!

I hope you enjoyed the video and remember…with Google changing a part of their search algorithm every day staying on-top of the latest SEO trends is important! As always I’ll do my best to keep you informed and on the cutting-edge.

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