Domains for Startups – Oct 13th, 2017: Five names up for auction that I think startups will dig


Hello, happy Friday and welcome to my new weekly column – domains for startups. Each week I will be going through domain names that are up for auction on popular domain marketplace NameJet. These domains are up for auction so in many cases will end up in the hands of the highest bidder, enjoy! – nice two-word .COM brand, seems like the perfect fit for a startup in the security space. Easy to remember, easy to spell, and instantly gives someone an idea of what you do. Current high bid of $209 so it’s also unlikely that you’d have to spend a small fortune to get this name. – which this domain might be a little long, and I probably wouldn’t use it as your primary domain, it’s a great ancillary domain name to own for any startup in the inductive charging space. Given that the new iPhones all support inductive charging it’s no secret that this space is about to explode. – just like, I wouldn’t use this as your primary domain since it’s not really a brandable name, but it does describe a category and if you’re a startup that makes a protein drink, this is a nice name to have in your arsenal. – nice one-word .COM that I could see being used by a startup in the photography space, maybe a photo editing app? This is a pre-release and has an hour and a half left to bid so if you’re reading this and interested you may have to act quickly! – solid one-word .COM, easy to remember, easy to spell and generic enough to be used across a number of different industries. The only downside I see to this name is that it tends to have a negative connotation, that being said, if you have a service that solves a problem related to someone stealing something… is hard to beat. (Note the reserve on this one is somewhere between $75,001 – $100,000 so this is definitely only a good fit if you have a bigger budget)

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  • joe October 13, 2017, 7:56 pm

    I like the post of the domain in a nice plan. I would not want to steal $ 100,000

    Morgan, that you do very well in the Conference Domains

  • Bob October 14, 2017, 3:22 am

    I have for sale at Sedo which seems better than

  • Jonathan October 14, 2017, 4:20 am

    Lot of movement in agriculture drones “crop” dusting


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