Weekly Video: ccTLD's Live from Venice Beach

Note:Audio/Video quality is not great on this weekly video as it was recorded on the beach with my iPhone 3GS. It was a fairly windy day and the iPhone did the best it could given the conditions. That being said I wanted to take my readers with me so I hope you enjoy sitting on Venice Beach with me talking domains!

This week’s video is about ccTLD’s and the incredible potential I think they have for both new and experienced investors. If you think all the good domains are taken then you are most likely focusing too much on .com! Yes – all the good .com’s have been taken but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t more incredible opportunities to get into a TLD at its early stages. (Also – remember you can get some GREAT .com’s through expiry services or even for sale now that the market is at significant low-point)

I’d like to think that five to ten years from now we’ll all look back on 2009 and 2010 and say, “we were there before anyone realized the true potential of domain names.” Remember – there’s a lot more out there than .com and in this video I share my thoughts on ccTLD’s and why I think now is the time to make the investment of a lifetime!

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  • Cedrick Reese August 10, 2009, 10:38 am

    At I asked about the .im extension and I was told that they were pretty much worthless unless they were developed. What are your thoughts


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