Epik Announces New Board Member – Major Step Towards Lead Generation Nirvana!

Is this an exciting year or what? It seems like partnerships and collaboration are in the air and what a better way to end the month than with Epik’s announcement that Braden Pollock will be joining the board of directors. Braden is a Domainer and lead generation guru that specializes in the legal space. Adding Braden to Epik’s Board of Directors is a major move by Epik to help their customers generate more revenue from their sites.

braden(Braden Pollock)

I’ve known Braden for just about a year now and can tell you when it comes to lead gen – Braden’s you guy. However Braden is also an incredible businessman and major inspiration for me. Braden really understand the value of domains and the importance of buying and developing the right names. With Braden’s expertise adding to Epik’s already monumental success it is clear that Epik will be doing big things in 2011!

I would like to congratulate both Rob and Braden who are undoubtedly two of the smartest and nicest people in the industry. Not to sound cheesy or anything but it really is a match made in heaven! You can read the official press release from Rob Monster below:

I am delighted to announce that Braden Pollock has joined the Epik Board of Directors. Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing, LLC, is a recognized leader in the field of lead generation markets.  In addition to making a financial investment in Epik, Braden and Epik will work together to provide industry-leading solutions for lead generation across 29 legal niches as well as to non-legal sectors.

Braden brings to Epik not only his expertise in lead-generation but other proven alternative domain monetization methods as well.Braden is a great addition to the teamThe history of Braden and Epik goes back to early 2010.  Braden began working with DevRich in early 2010 after DevRich President, Luke Webster, presented at the January 2010 DomainFest Pitchfest.  When Epik acquired DevRich in May 2010, a success story with Braden was already under way. One year later, that initial order of 500 sites in January 2010 has exploded into a network of  more than 6,000 Lead-Gen sites.  Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing, LLC, is the leading supplier of leads to DUI Attorneys in the USA with an unmatched web presence for DUI-related lead capture.

The DUI Lead Generation business

The end-user price of a qualified DUI lead is typically between $20 and $100.  As the price of CPC for DUI-related terms has continued to rise, so too has the value of the captured leads. The DUILawyers.co site below is a good example of what an Epik lead-generation site looks like.

Is Lead Generation the future of Advertising?

The  success of lead-generation business models like GroupOn and LivingSocial are worth noting.  Lead Generation as an advertising model is a very significant development which frankly even Google is behind on addressing. I believe this was a factor in the attempted acquisition of GroupOn. Although, it’s worth noting that after their failed attempt to purchase GroupOn for $6 Billion, Google is about to launch their own CPA coupon platform (http://mashable.com/2011/01/20/google-offers/).  The movement of advertising dollars to CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead) makes a great deal of sense. Just as CPM gave way to CPC, I believe we are moving to a model of advertising where CPC is giving way to CPA and CPL.  This is precisely where Google is behind — the traditional Google advertising model is almost entirely CPC, meaning they make money on clicks regardless of whether or not the advertiser makes a dime.

Lead Generation is not just about ServicesThe beauty of the CPL advertising model is that it allows cash-strapped advertisers to invest in advertising with greater confidence.   Even if the ad campaign ends up costing them MORE, they at least know what they are getting and can model their business plan accordingly.  The CPL and CPA models are by no means limited to service provider categories, it also works for certain types of products. For example, yesterday I met with an advertiser who is interested in promoting a premium direct-to-consumer wine. At $80 a bottle, the winery owner can afford to hand $40 to the CPA advertiser that brings him a new customer that may well be ordering by the case on their second order.

An Exciting PartnershipAs this partnership came together, it has become increasingly clear to me that Braden is a world class Internet entrepreneur.   Congratulations to Braden and Luke Webster on building an online Lead-Generation success story. I could not be more excited about expanding what is working in the DUI vertical to other verticals.  To this end, Braden, Luke and I will all be at DomainFest in Santa Monica next week. We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting partnership with anyone interested.  In the meantime, to learn more about Lead Generation solutions at Epik, please visit our information page here.

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  • Logan January 28, 2011, 12:29 pm

    Lead gen is the challenge of our time; it is very hard work to be successful at it but it certainly adds value to the client or advertiser as pointed out in this post.

  • Mike Law January 28, 2011, 4:58 pm

    Wow! Congrats to Epik AND Braden!!

  • Braden Pollock January 28, 2011, 5:26 pm

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
    Epik’s reach and bandwidth allow me to really spread my wings. I’m excited about this opportunity. Expect some great monetization tools from Epik very soon!

  • TeenDomainer January 28, 2011, 8:16 pm

    Can’t wait to see what they come up with together!

  • Rob Monster - Epik January 28, 2011, 10:59 pm

    Morgan, All — Thanks for the kind words. Braden has indeed cracked the code. We look forward to working with Braden and his team to scale the model to new niches while continuing to refine the lead generation work flow. See you at DomainFest next week.


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