is for sale – and the price tag is in the $10M range


While Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency world for some time now, Ethereum is picking up steam and is quickly becoming a real force. There an alliance (called the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) dedicated specifically to making Ethereum better suited for business applications and big banks are already starting to using Ethereum:

Several banks have already adapted Ethereum to develop and test blockchain trading applications. Alex Batlin, global blockchain lead at BNY Mellon, one of the companies on the EEA board, said over the past few years banks and other enterprises have increased collaboration with the Ethereum development community, facilitating the creation of the EEA. (Source – ZeroHedge)

So with a huge amount of support from big companies, tons of consumer interest, and what looks like an amazing growth path ahead, it’s no surprise that Ethereum domains are on fire right now. Last month sold for $2M and now is up for sale on the popular domain name marketplace Uniregistry.

Ron Jackson from DNJournal was quoted in a Bloomberg article about the strong interest cryptocurrency domains are seeing right now:

“The unfettered euphoria I see around bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dotcom bust around 2001,” said Ron Jackson, editor and publisher of Domain Name Journal. “However, dotcoms came back and had bigger years than ever in the mid 2000s, so even a bursting bubble isn’t necessarily a final death knell for a given asset.” (Source – Bloomberg)

While $10M might seem like a lot for a domain name, there’s only one and given that Ethereum is poised to be the next big cryptocurrency, this could make the domain one of the most valuable .COMs on the planet.

What do you think, is $10M the right price for

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  • Saikot Paul November 26, 2017, 8:12 pm

    I have a better domain name i.e. “” is listed for sale in Expected price is 15 Million US$.

  • Cate Colgan November 26, 2017, 8:35 pm

    It’s time to “show” the world what Ethereum is all about! And whoever buys Ethereum.Show will be able to do just that 😉

  • Joe November 26, 2017, 9:10 pm

    Ethereum is true to have a great strength in the banking markets, see how you describe being at $ 10 Million and I see November 20, that your bid is $ 6,000,000 USD now be Current bid: $ 7,200,000 USD

    Well let’s hope some day have the luck the seller.

    What to do your friend or one of you, take retirement?

  • Saikot Paul November 26, 2017, 9:18 pm

    Make offer for being listed for sale in

  • Bob November 26, 2017, 11:50 pm

    This is good big news with such rumours about already circulating around! I have & for sale at Sedo.

  • Michael November 27, 2017, 12:54 am

    Great landing page it is awesome and too the point! FOR SALE!

  • Bobby November 27, 2017, 2:55 am

    Hmmmmm 10 million …I was told 7.5 million already offered but got refusal…Hmm should be the sale price of domain

  • Asset.Domains November 27, 2017, 3:28 am

    this one is a big name but i prefer landing page, i think it’s the best landing i have seen so far, you’ll need a smartphone to understand that ;).

  • Gene November 27, 2017, 3:32 am will likely become the single most valuable domain name in existence within 3-5 years.

    The key will be whether (as its creator, Vitalik claims) the platform can scale to Visa-like transaction processing speeds.

    Once ETHEREUM becomes the de facto engine for payments, which it will, the buyer of will look like a genius investor.

  • sarafadin November 27, 2017, 5:11 am

    good news…. i own

  • Andrea Paladini November 27, 2017, 2:12 pm

    ““The unfettered euphoria I see around bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dotcom bust around 2001,” said Ron Jackson, editor and publisher of Domain Name Journal. “However, dotcoms came back and had bigger years than ever in the mid 2000s, so even a bursting bubble isn’t necessarily a final death knell for a given asset.”
    IMHO Ron Jackson comparison is wrong. Similarities end with the fact that in both cases there are/were bubbles, “irrational euphoria” …
    First, you have to consider that blockchain (the technology, which I think is here to stay) and crypto currencies (IMHO a bubble, a Ponzi scheme-like hype, a fad) are not the same thing.
    Secondly, as equity analyst I can tell you that current crypto currencies bubble is much worse than the 1999-2000 Internet/tech bubble: in 1999 you had companies with some assets, selling real goods, with revenue streams, with crypto-currencies you have no underlying assets, no revenue streams … nothing.
    “dotcoms came back” because there was real underlying business (and business models, some “ahead of their times”, like (anyone?) but tangible ones), assets and revenue streams.
    Those were “assets”, with crypto currencies there is no asset …
    Crypto bulls keep saying that Bitcoin is an established “store of value.”
    The problem is that the value being stored is simply everyone else’s agreement that there must be value here. There is no other asset. And that is what a bubble looks like. 🙂

    • Gene November 27, 2017, 4:05 pm


      I lived through, and in the heart of, the dot-com era: And here’s what you got wrong…

      There were, in fact, very FEW companies that had real assets (other than the raise), real products, and real business leaders.

      Most of the dot-com startups were doomed from the start, because they didn’t even aspire to be real businesses. Their mantra was “we’re building to get acquired.”

      If your argument against crypto is that these currencies only have value because enough people agree that they have value… NO KIDDING. That’s precisely the point, it’s known as ‘consensus.’

      Why on Earth would anyone rational assign huge valuations to modern art, or other collectibles? Simply because enough buyers have collectively decided that this thing over here is worth a lot of money. No other reason at all. Crypto is no different.

      But in the case of Ether (ETHEREUM), that currency has intrinsic value as the ‘fuel’ for DAPPS built/run atop The ETHEREUM platform… which is growing at at exponential rate.

      • Andrea Paladini November 27, 2017, 5:03 pm

        Yeah, right … keep your biased marketing stunts going … people are not stupid, not all at least … good luck!
        The bubble will burst the same, with our without your “approval” …

      • Andrea Paladini November 27, 2017, 5:34 pm

        Unfortunately for you, I lived the 99-2000 Internet bubble as insider in the financial industry.
        Those companies whose mantra is “we’re building to get acquired.” (which you can also see now in many cases) were just a part of the market, some had no proper business plans, other were “ahead of times” and many other different cases, inside and outside the US … not something new …
        Consensus? that’s not the right term to be used, particularly for the art market or for collectibles, in those case it’s the “rarity effect”, the uniqueness of some items.
        There is no uniqueness in crypto currencies, no underlying assets, no regulation, nothing … just hot air …
        Furthermore speculation is rampant and it’s the main use of crypto currencies, so mkt prices are “creepily” manipulated, worse than penny stocks …

        “Fools, as it has long been said, are indeed separated, soon or eventually, from their money. So, alas, are those who, responding to a general mood of optimism, are captured by a sense of their own financial acumen. Thus it has been for centuries; thus in the long future it will also be.” (J.K. Galbraith)

      • Patrick Cowan November 27, 2017, 9:31 pm

        That’s why I picked up the domain it is mainly what ethereum is about.

  • steve brady December 3, 2017, 10:09 am

    Next time someone mentions how fantastic Ethereum is, ask them how long it took to download the Ethereum Wallet from and sync up with the Ethereum blockchain, in other words, saving a complete instance of the Ethereum blockchain to their computer and becoming a full node.

    With Bitcoin Core, there are currently only 8556 full nodes on the entire internet. Full node meaning you have downloaded all 497,406 blocks of transaction history from and are continuously syncing up new blocks as they are mined.


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