Fashion Friday – Fashion Project Raises $1.8M To Champion Shopping For A Cause

This week was an exciting one for the fashion world as Fashion Project, a recent TechStars Boston graduate announced a $1.8M seed round for their innovative second-hand apparel site. While selling second-hand clothing online isn’t a new thing, Fashion Project has a few added twists that make it really unique.


The idea behind Fashion Project is to build a community where women can donate their high-end clothing and accessories and allow other people to buy this clothing with a majority of the proceeds going to charity. For women who have closets bursting with clothes this is a great alternative to giving the clothes away to Goodwill as their donation will still go to charity and the clothes will still be put to good use.

The two co-founders came-up with the idea during their Harvard Law School graduation ceremony opting to build a startup rather than head off to a big law firm like most of their friends. It’s a bold move that few would make but that’s what I always believe that startup founders are really cut from a different cloth.

The seed funding comes from some great firms including Atlas Ventures, High Peaks Ventures, and Schooner Capital. I am really excited for Fashion Project, they have a great founding team and an idea that will not only change the fashion world, but will also help so many charities around the world. I look forward to covering their progress in a future Fashion Friday, for now it’s onwards and upwards!

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  • Joe April 12, 2013, 10:15 am


    Now, after six years of starting as a domainer, you’ve changed a fashion business which I started in 1996 when seeing internet websites in U.S. fashion has changed a lot, now the only change that has to spoil the marketing and a market strategy so beautiful.

    As Operations Manager ….. is an honor for me that you like this activity here come my first project of Artificial Intelligence to write you in a post.

    Visit your gmail spam folder about a month ago to send an email, I will return to send to your Investment company with other matters.

    Happy weekend and finally recovered Daina this, I hope so.

  • Morgan April 12, 2013, 12:12 pm

    @Joe – thanks for your comment, very exciting to see that you have also been in the Fashion Industry! My Domain Investing company, Linton Investments is still running strong and I have a great team that is helping to make 2013 our best year ever. As you know my blog is still focused on domain names as well but I’m doing a weekly post on Fashion since that is now such a big part of my life.

    I’ll look in my spam filter now, always appreciate the emails you send me. Have a great weekend and thanks for the best wishes for Daina’s foot, it is getting a little bit better every day!

  • HowieCrosby April 12, 2013, 12:42 pm

    Hi Morgan, as a newbie to domain trading (one year) and a recent finder of your fab blog, I have noticed that you seem connected to fashion in a very positive way. My primary business of 25 years is vintage and retro trading, and has included trading in vintage and retro designer clothing, but the market for me in this area has recently dropped, so I have kept with my staple of art and ceramics for bread and butter, but want my current domain business to supersede, eventually.

    The reason I am writing is, being passionate about vintage etc, I have a special interest in homes and lifestyle domains, however, I have shifted a few to clients, but I feel this type of market ‘vintage and retro .com’ quite difficult to sell and the other end, the tech .com end easier, i.e. the tech, side I have found marketing easier to end users, clients, traders etc easier.

    I guess, I still need to find the connections, etc…

    Morgan, from your wealth of experience, if you have interestes in such areas, have you found such divisions yourself? Thank you, Howie.

    • Morgan April 12, 2013, 2:02 pm

      Thanks for your comment @Howie and great to meet you! I’m not quite sure how fashion domains do, on the domain side of things I mostly focus on one-word domains. I don’t think that the fashion domain space is probably a great place to make money. My interest in fashion is running a Fashion Tech startup which is my full time job.

      The Fashion-Tech scene is growing especially in Los Angeles where our company is based. Vintage is definitely coming back in a big way, we just did a post on our blog about Plaid Sports Coats coming back in this fall!

  • HowieCrosby April 13, 2013, 12:21 am

    Same here @Morgan, pleasure to meet you. I now see where your fashion connection is 🙂 FasionMetric, ahah. Yes, the vintage domains might not be the most popular, however, with vintage and retro returning this might change? A little! Although I believe I have some fairly decent ‘vintage’ EMD .com’s, I think I am going to veer my interest away from this area though, thanks. Must think business, not pleasure, haha.

    Furthermore, I cannot believe the relentless amount of quality material that hits my inbox from you Morgan, it’s fab stuff, thanks very much, I’m learning a great deal all the time. Howie.

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