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I couldn’t think of a more exciting way to start a Friday than seeing Fashion Metric featured in one of the top big data publications in the world, Dataconomy. In the article titled, The Data-Driven Future Of Fashion Daina talks about the intersection of technology and fashion and how Fashion Metric is using mathematical algorithms, machine learning, and big data together to disrupt the apparel industry, a $4T space (yes that “t” stands for trillion).

Daina Linton Dataconomy

The world is changing and in the article Daina highlights why disruption in the apparel space has lagged other industries:

“Physical stores have seen massive disruption over the last decade with companies like and Netflix catalyzing major consumer habit changes. Walk down the main street of any major city now and you’ll find lots of restaurants and clothing stores but less and less bookstores and video rental stores.

The shift from physical to digital has swept through entire industries but left apparel relatively untouched. Amazon tipped the scales with books when they introduced the “Look Inside” feature, making it possible for consumers to virtually browse books like they would in a bookstore. Netflix moved people from physical disks to streaming, allowing instant access to content. These were disruptive forces that made it easier for people to do something they had done the same way for a long time.

In the apparel space “fit” has always been the limiting factor, just like people want to browse a book or watch a movie preview, they still want to try clothes on. Despite the growth of technology and access to huge amounts of data, the apparel industry is challenged with providing a compelling experience for consumers so that they can buy clothes without trying them on.” (Source – Dataconomy)

So if you’ve ever wanted to take a deeper dive into what we’re doing at Fashion Metric I think you’ll really enjoy this article. Have a great weekend!

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  • Joe February 26, 2015, 7:44 pm

    Hi Morgan and Daina,

    Having long journey in a very volatile market, where every year the trends are older to think many I see this in 080 Barcelona invite a friend designer woman know of many years, she started our first ways of how to be a patron in virtual reality and achieve a significant part in 1998.

    Now she is telling me another time the style changes and if you do not change fall from a skyscraper and if upon reaching the ground do not think anything is that you’re a ghost.

    I see many young designers who make clothes with 080 thoughts for men and women with styles from the 50s, 60s and 70s say they have to change, if not the great bargains promotions and other gateways will not be possible, I Custo hate one tell me and I ask why? the answer now think is the best Versace or Armani and I ask? to get this gentleman here if you respond? more powerful to have many friends and have a guaranteed market and I ask and you because you do not sleep with any of these powerful.

    I never!

    My answer be all you see here are already thought the same thing but in reverse from you since you’re a product and service of power of fashion and no more if you want success.

    To say goodbye to him and slowly I guessed right case, and I answer to you would not because you would not be yourself in your creativity.

    If you are interested in what virtual reality we can write I just wish that if unable to do here in Spain are some friends I appreciate those who can continue my way and make this great dream that I created for a tomorrow that is now one or two years more, .to be total.



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