First Domain Sale Listed On The Domain Flipping Social Network

For those who have been following-along – we launched a Domain Flipping social network several weeks back and so far the response has been great. We have 17 members and counting! 

Today marks the first domain listed for sale through the social network and the first pick was – FitnessGames(dot)us. For those who read this blog regularly you can remember when we first flipped this domain and walked our readers through the process. 

To start-off with a bang we've priced the domain with website, content, etc. at $250. It feels like we're giving it away but it is going to a good cause! 

If you have not yet joined hop on over to and become a member. Only members are eligible to buy or sell domains through the social network and there are absolutely no commission fees. 

Also – if you have any ideas on new features or additions we can make to the network we are always looking for constructive criticism or someone with a good eye for the next killer feature we can add!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and as always – Happy Flipping!

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