Flippa Friday: Flipped.net, Sailing.info, OnlineStorage.com

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to another Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com. As usual I have scoured Flippa for what I think are some of the best domain deals. This week I’ve found some pretty solid non .COMs and while I think the past couple of weeks have been .COM heavy, this week I see a bit of a change.

That being said, I don’t want to mislead anyone. Without a doubt both on Flippa and anywhere else .COM has the most liquidity and will always sell for the highest price, period. Still that doesn’t mean non .COMs make bad investments and this week I’ve seen some pretty stellar non .COMs that I wanted to highlight. So let’s rock and roll.

Flipped.net – nice one-word .NET – could be a great marketplace for flipping houses, domains, or whatever else people flip…just not coins, that’s a bit too 1980’s or is it 1950’s?

Sailing.info – I absolutely love sailing and so do a lot of other people. Sailboats aren’t cheap and .INFO names have been selling like hotcakes, I really like this name and to give full disclaimer I might be bidding on it too.

OnlineStorage.com – this is an absolutely monster industry and it’s only growing by the day. While I do like brandables in this space more than literals it’s still a solid name and given that many names sell for wholesale on Flippa this could go for a very attractive investor price.

HouseCleaners.com – HomeJoy is crushing it in the online house cleaners booking space, this is a great name in a growing space.

GiftCards.org – like I said, I’ve seen some solid non .COMs I like this month and this one rounds it out to end my list. Gift cards are a huge business and it’s not just during the holidays.

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  • Steve R August 29, 2014, 6:59 pm

    Thanks again Morgan for another Flippa Friday review. Do you know by chance if there is a time of the year that is better to sell on Flippa than other times or does it just vary? It kinda seems that domains do better around the beginning of the year and the end of summer, but maybe I’m wrong. Also what is your user id on Flippa so that I can follow your sells if you don’t mind.

    PS: Congrats on being nominated as developer of the year. As a “true” developer, you have my vote. I do believe that you should have gotten nominated for blogger of the year as well though.

  • Kevin Fink August 31, 2014, 5:07 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Great question — it’s been a very slow summer for us, albeit we had out best slate of Premium inventory sales in June + July.

    August: not nearly as much.

    September: we’re expecting a strong showing. And that seems to carry out through the end of the fiscal year (U.S.)

  • Ali Zandi September 2, 2014, 4:19 pm


    I will be bringing the heat these next few months! 🙂 Going to add some great domains to the Flippa marketplace!

    Ali Zandi


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