Flippa Friday: Send.io, Nearing.com, Sushi.net, Gem.org, Crafting.info

Flippa Friday

Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! Another week has flown by and I have another great list of domain names listed for sale on Flippa. Also as always feel free to submit domains to me, and if I like them, I will recommend them on here. I apologize to anyone’s names who don’t make it in, I only recommend domains that I would buy myself so if I wouldn’t buy it, it wouldn’t go on this list.

Now for this week’s list, enjoy!

Send.io – it’s no secret that .IO names are hot and this is one of the absolute best. Currently at $2,474 with six days to go. Don’t expect to buy and easily flip this, however it’s a good longer-term investment or solid fit for a company that can put it to use right-away.

Nearing.com – did I mention how much I love one-word .COMs? This could be a great name for a GPS company or a startup with a cool new location-based app.

Sushi.net – I liked this name last week and I like it just as much now. Solid one-word .NET, currently at $15,000 with nine days to go.

Gem.org – short, meaningful, memorable .ORG. Not ever going to sell for the big bucks but it’s a nice domain that someone will appreciate and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than trying to get the .COM.

Crafting.info – the crafting market is huge and I really like this keyword paired with a .INFO since there are so many people looking for information about crafting online.



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  • Joe April 21, 2014, 4:33 pm

    Curious sushi.net 2012-10-01 already sold for the same figure that the current offer on Flippa so far and it was at this same website where you paid $ 25K.
    This information can be found on http://domainindex.com/domains/sushi.net

    Now in less than two years was a figure of $ 15K and miss the day to write your post nine days to go.
    I click from your blog and today suhsi.net Tuesday: April 22, 2014 to 1:20 am in Spain, be in the same number as sold in 2012 and to end the auction missing
    Listing closes in 16 days, 15 hours.

    No that can occur in these systems auction Morgan see your nine days and is now being more days because if you happen to comment thank you one example.



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