Google’s Matt Cutts Announces That Sites Selling Links Lose Their Mojo

No surprises here but Google’s Matt Cutts has now come out and said for the whole world to hear that links coming from a site that is selling links will not be passing on link juice, even if the not all the links are paid links. The good news is it’s not going to hurt you like so many people have speculated, but it certainly isn’t going to help you rank better. This means that if you’re planning on buying links you should only do it if you expect people to click on that link and therefore get more traffic for your site. Also if you have a site linking to you for free, know that if they are also selling links this isn’t going to help you rank any better either.

This means that any SEO company that recommends you buy a ton of links or tries to sell you PR7 and PR8 links for hundreds or thousands of dollars isn’t keeping up with the times. The world has changed and many SEO companies are still playing catch-up. Lucky for all of us Google has been pretty darn good at being transparent and Matt’s videos keep on coming. Matt also notes that when Google finds-out that a site is selling links their PageRank tends to take a 30%-40% hit, so if you were thinking of selling links this would be a pretty darn good reason not to.

You can see the full video from Matt below:

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  • RaTHeaD April 3, 2013, 5:58 pm

    you said mojo… hehehe… i had a chance to buy it ( over ten years back for $1000.
    i wanted to but netsol process was so troublesome i didn’t do it. heard it sold for $300,000 a few months back. DAMN! it coulda payed for a trip to atlantic city.

  • Avraham April 4, 2013, 2:50 am

    Let’s profile mr. Cutts. He has a PHD in computer science, white, american, married, and has a good job with a great salary. He always uses smooth shirts, nothing flashy. So I suppose he is the good guy, and who ever sells links, the bad ones. I think this is true, until proven other wise. Thanks for the post.

  • sam fox April 4, 2013, 8:13 am

    So how do I know if a jerk or someone has tried to spam link my site, a hobby site
    I shouldn’t have to try and fend this off. So I believe Matt when he says he just doesn’t pass on the link juice. That solves any sabatoge.

  • Joe April 4, 2013, 9:59 am

    Google be the of always all pass by where this search engine, his desire be do business with the advertiser because that change is not normality real, they as before and in actuality this view my think, strategy different links not for more traffic Google have many users worldwide , each click in sponsoring links, more of ten sometimes the day not es well of good the roi not get. I see the problem for my costumer not is which profit of many click in his link and more traffic , not be equal a profit, because this question have that give response Mr. Matt.
    PS: In a Learning Adwords online an of my questions to a teacher professional Seo , Which be the traffic that recive the keyword: deals , the response by chat for my think that be best questions, response for Google team, I not know.
    Closed my psychology for a keyword not be same the of Seo for me is equal, the methods start to results with the small business, I not job for Google. Today in day job Google for me, that is different.

  • Tyler Durden April 4, 2013, 6:51 pm

    RatHead – it’s spelled “paid”
    Avraham – Mr. Cutts never finished his Ph.D., or it would be Dr. Cutts. White, married, smooth shirts don’t counteract hypocrisy – Google doesn’t need links, because it SELLS sponsored ads and places itself at the top of search results. Now you’re proven otherwise.
    Sam Fox – bad link sabotage is already pervasive; read more.
    Joe – I can’t decipher any point you are trying to make.
    Everyone else – Eventually a country with balls is going to sting Google on anti-trust grounds. The US Justice Dept. put its balls back in its purse; so we will have to wait. All information and entertainment, across different media, is and has always been, BUILT ON PAID ADVERTISING.

  • Taren August 3, 2013, 1:07 am

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