Great Mac Software A Domainer Can't Live Without

Okay – so I’m a bit of a Mac nut, what can I say – I like great quality things that just work! Apple is one of those companies that makes products that people love to use – and love to convince other people to use. Ask anyone with an iPhone what they think and you could probably get a 10-15 minute description complete with a full scale “check-out my apps” section. Ask someone with an LG or Nokia phone and they’ll most likely say “it’s okay” or “it’s cool.”

One of the things I love about the Mac is that there is some great cheap/free software that I use which I couldn’t live without. As with anything on the Mac installation takes literally ten seconds so putting everything I recommend below on your Mac should take less time than popping a bag of popcorn.

If you don’t use a Mac, I probably already know your argument – “they are too expensive!” The Mercedes and BMW owner loves their car and once they drive it, don’t consider it expensive. Buy a pair of great speakers (I’m a bit of an audio nut) and it’s worth it as well. Now go to someone’s house with a Vizio TV…you’ll immediate see a quality difference but you’ll most likely hear – “the TV was so cheap!”

Cheap doesn’t always mean good and while Mac’s are more expensive they are just better, sorry folks! However I’m not a big fan of paying retail since there are enough people on this planet that will do that so we all shouldn’t have to! If you check-out the deals on Apple’s outlet you can get a great Mac for a very reasonable price. Okay – enough of that – now for the software:

  1. TextWrangler – if you do any coding this is an AWESOME text-editor and it’s free. Now you can edit your WordPress themes without using the clunky built-in text-edit app
  2. Teleport – great FREE software to share a keyboard and mouse amongst multiple Macs – literally takes five seconds to install and free is much cheaper than buying a KVM switch
  3. Fetch – the quintessential Mac FTP software – I’ve used this since I was fifteen and think it’s the best FTP client I’ve ever used hands-down
  4. iMovie – this comes on your Mac so doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t even have to install this. I’ve used this for years to do my videos – WAY better than software you’d pay $300-$500 for on your PC
  5. Mail – like Steve Jobs has said time and time again in his presentations about mail – try opening your Calendar and Email at the same time in other email clients…can’t do it? In most other clients you have to switch between windows making it impossible to have both your Calendar and the main email pane open at once. Oh and Mail is way faster than Outlook 🙂
  6. iShowU – cheap and easy-to-use screen recording software for the Mac
  7. RapidWeaver – although I don’t use this one myself I know people who do and it makes it very easy to put-together simple websites quickly
  8. TimeMachine – the best backup software in the world…period. No back-up software works like Time Machine

Of course I also love that Mac OS has Unix running in the background so if I want I can run any Linux software I’d like if I really want to bring-out my inner-geek!

Feel free to share your favorite apps, say some kind words about the Mac, or bash it! Either way comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Nigel November 29, 2009, 12:05 am

    Great list. Haven’t heard of iShowU but sounds like something I could definitely use.

    I prefer Cyberduck over Fetch. Not exactly sure why. I used Fetch for years and years, but I really like the way Cyberduck works.

    I love RapidWeaver and use it to develop all of my mini-sites. It’s amazingly flexible. I’ve integrated PHPBay Pro and Associate-o-matic affiliate scripts into RapidWeaver sites without too much trouble. For any domainers on the Mac thinking of developing sites, I’d definitely recommend RapidWeaver over WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Much simpler and no need to worry about getting hacked.

    Two other incredibly useful tools on the Mac for domainers are Applescript and Terminal.

    Applescript is the Mac’s built in scripting language. It’s fairly easy to use, but for anyone not wanting to get their hands dirty coding scripts, the Automator application gives you a drag and drop graphical interface to create Applescript workflows. You can schedule Applescripts and Automator workflows to run on a regular basis with iCal, the Mac’s calendar program.

    I use Applescript to automate routine tasks, like downloading daily pending delete lists from NameJet.

    Terminal gives you instant access to a UNIX shell. It’s like lifting a trap door and descending into the bowels of OS X 🙂 I use UNIX command line scripts, like awk, to search through downloaded drop lists for expiring keyword domains. You can also code UNIX shell scripts through Terminal.


    • Morgan November 29, 2009, 10:28 am

      Thanks for the comment @Nigel! Great to hear more positive feedback about RapidWeaver – seems like they have a lot of satisfied customers! Completely agree about AppleScript and Terminal – there really is nothing as easy as AppleScript for the PC and it can really speed-up repetitive tasks!

  • John November 29, 2009, 6:54 am

    I use Cyberduck as my FTP client, but I’ll take a closer look at Fetch.

    When it comes to “domaining software” I found that most domainers use DRT, which sadly is only available for Windows. After some research I came across DNFinder – a great tool running on OSX. It let’s you easily create and search for keyword lists & letter-combinations, browse through drop lists etc. . And if you miss a certain feature just tell Joe (the programmer) and he’ll do anything in his power to add it to the software. Link:

    When doing my research on domains or building sites I find myself copy & paste a lot of data, and it always annoyed me that OSX has no clipboard history. But there is an app for that: iClipboard. You can even create multiple clipboards for several different projects.

    The next thing isn’t really Mac specific. Though I love Safari, while working I prefer Firefox with a few add-ons: SEO Toolbar, SEO for Firefox, SEO Blogger by Wordtracker, RankChecker, Firebug & PageSpeed.


    • Morgan November 29, 2009, 10:30 am

      Thanks for the comment @John – I have also hear plenty of great things about Cyberduck – I’ve just been a Fetch guy for a long time now 🙂 Thanks for sharing DNFinder – looks like an interesting tool! Also iClipboard is awesome!! Big thanks for sharing that one – I’m going to be downloading it right now 🙂

  • Earl Naegele November 29, 2009, 10:45 am


    I knew there was a reason I liked you!

    I switched about 6 years ago. For no sum of money would I ever go back!

    Morgan, I even argue that Mac’s are NOT more expensive and here is why. Total cost of ownership! For instance, the build quality is phenomenal and when you do have a question, problem or just need some assistance go to the Genius Bar! Try doing that with a PC and watch the software vendor (M$) and the hardware vendor blame one another.

    Morgan, here are some others that are built right in. Print to .pdf requires no application. Screen capture, just press the Apple button, shift and F4 simultaneously and then cut what you want to capture. Oh and instant on!!! I guess M$ thinks that is a really big feature as well, as they are now selling the feature as software called Windows 7!

    And that begins the list of software UNNECESSARY with a Mac. Like virus ware. This is what caused me to switch to begin with. I simply got tired of chasing down bad PC viruses (with or without antivirus software).

    Guess what, I have never had to use virus software on a Mac, as they are non existent.

    Once you switch you will NEVER go back. You only shake your head in amazement of why I didn’t sooner and why so many people put up with the PC nonsense.

    The Mac computing experience is wonderful.


    PS This is an unpaid infommercial!

    • Morgan November 29, 2009, 11:25 am

      Thanks @Earl! You make an excellent point and as a fellow Mac-head I agree that Mac’s are absolutely not expensive. I also completely agree about all the other great built-in software for the Mac. I always say that the Mac comes with almost everything you need to use the computer and almost everything else is free or under $50.

      Great point also about not needing virus software – I think this might change unfortunately as Apple is taking a bigger chunk of the market each year. Hackers focus on where the users are and unfortunately as more people switch to the Mac, virus writers will most likely begin to make us a target. That being said even if that does happen Apple could make the best virus software in the world unlike the PC software that slows your computer to a crawl once it’s installed.

      Thanks again for the comment and nice to meet a fellow Mac enthusiast!

  • Tiberiu December 1, 2009, 10:42 am


    I love Chrome because it runs my addon, seo for chrome 🙂

    • Morgan December 1, 2009, 2:47 pm

      I’m also a Chrome fan @Tiberiu – hoping for a Mac version soon! Still Firefox is awesome so no complaints!


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