Handshake domain auction bid volume on-track for all time low in May

It looks like bidding activity on Handshake domains is cooling off as we move towards the end of the month. Today on Twitter Mark Smith shared the data in the following tweet:

I think Mark’s guess around why we’ve seen the decrease is probably spot on, right now it’s pretty clear all the best Handshake domains have been taken, especially given that these domains have a much more narrow use case since they’re treated like TLDs. At the same time, people like me gave up on buying Handshake domains some time ago and focused on buying HNS which should be a better bet (at least IMHO) if the Handshake domain ecosystem does take off.

My guess is you’d see a similar trend if ICANN ever decided to make any new gTLD that anyone can think of available to register. You’d see a frenzy of bidding initially, lots of trading between speculators in the middle, and then a sharp decline as all the words that make sense as a TLD get claimed.

What might make Handshake a bit difference is the bet on emoji domains. There are a good chunk of investors out there who people people will want to buy subdomains in emoji handshake domains. So if I’m really into say gardening, maybe I’d want to own morgan.🪴/ – I’ve made it pretty clear I personally don’t get it…but hey, it’s a new space and the world is changing so anything is possible.

I think that over the next year Handshake domain investors will want to see more ways for normal people to access Handshake domains, not just integration in a browser like Brave (which is used by less than .5% of people) but a real contender like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Without forward momentum around end-user adoption, spectators will get tired of trading between each other and we’ll see more of what we’re seeing now which is a lot less activity when it comes to buying.

In the world of traditional domains, momentum with TLDs like .IO where you see massive end-user adoption in support in every browser pique investor interest for a reason – the data is there to show that it can be a good investment. For now, Handshake is a bet, a bet I personally think will end up paying off for a good group of Handshake domain investors and ecosystem players, but it will take time to see widespread awareness and adoption. The question is – how long will that take, and how long is too long?

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  • Mark Smith May 24, 2021, 4:32 pm

    I’m actually unsure whether or not the “best” names are all taken because new narratives & contexts are popping up all the time and I just won what I consider to be one of my most objectively marketable names for 1 $HNS

    Regardless, much of the low hanging fruit is taken & I think once the next gen of registrars open up (HNS domains as NFTs seems inevitable) we will see a whole new cycle with SLDs.

    As for adoption, 5 years is to be expected. 10 isn’t out of the question. 20 feels too long.

    • Galaxy9 May 24, 2021, 9:01 pm

      mr smith if you think it will take five years to make adoption of baby project then the parents will abandon it quickly. project has one year max for adoption. if it not happen then you can trade HNS like speculative altcoin gambling, at least namecoin doing better than HNS and that is dead project. it’s time to give up and move on. handshake does not need spokeperson to peddle two emoji handshakes. think about it. you want me to enter two emojis from my phone? which face? which plant? which one? this isn’t pokemon card brotha.

  • Bulls May 24, 2021, 4:33 pm

    The only handshake that we know is the handshake that the males do to each other.

  • Galaxy9 May 24, 2021, 8:56 pm

    emoji domain waste of time. which keyboard i use for most? i need to copy and paste? don’t think so. handshake got boost from yat. handshake never cared about handshakes until yat made some crazy money. now they try to ride the backs of the people they insulted. yat will also die very quickly.
    handshake is like nft, yes. it is just a fad and will die. no one will care about nft. people bought because they think collector item. someone buy, i must buy, and so others buy and now we have a market and a demand. the pump happened a few months ago. it is now dead. may it rest in peace.
    mr smith you have been very quiet on twitter i am glad you acknowledge it is dying. how is your gifting system coming along? it seemed to die as well. no one has conviction to keep pushing. everyone has lost steam and reality has set in. if i had a crystal ball i will say c/ renewals will be equally bad. back to .com folks.
    Mr morgan does mr smith still contribute to your blog as you announced or his services no longer required? you do well on your own. we trust you. keep like that.

  • Keith May 25, 2021, 1:44 am

    Handshake is a simple get rich scheme for the owners and the users have all been shafted. The handshake coin is also useless. Sad but true take your loss on move on.

  • Don May 25, 2021, 6:50 am

    Some of the biggest owners of domain portfolios in the world own hns so take what you want from that. I would call it insurance as in just in case it takes off.

    I find it funny that people with comments will argue with guys that have 8 and 9 figure portfolios telling them that this will never work. No one can see the future on this. By the time this works and if it does then YES it will be to late to get in.

    • Rob May 25, 2021, 6:58 pm

      Re: insurance. Insurance can also be wasted money. It’s often just a clever way to con you into parting with your money. With real insurance for real things, you can often minimize your risk and eliminate the need for it – you save each year’s premium and you will be much further ahead even when/if that rare claim happens. In the case of handshake “insurance” it is not insurance at all, it’s throwing money away.

      • don May 26, 2021, 10:15 pm

        Rob, no you get insurance to protect yourselves from idiots. It is called an umbrella policy. But hey no worries if you run into someone one and cause them 500k in health bills. Yeah insurance is not good. dahh

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