How to link your Domain Name Sales account to the Uniregistry Market

I’ve been using Domain Name Sales for years and with the release of Uniregistry Market somehow I missed the fact that you can actually connect the two. I stumbled across this when I was looking at Uniregistry’s You Tube channel and found a video walking users through the process. Here’s the video:

It’s a pretty simple change and I always feel like the more eyeballs you can get on your domains the more inbound offers you’ll get – makes sense right? Also, as I’ve said a million times before, I love the Uniregistry UX so anything I can do to spend more time in there, I’ll take it.

If you haven’t checked-out Uniregistry’s You Tube channel it’s definitely worth taking a look. They cover some pretty useful topics like bulk domain transfers, and some basics like “What is a domain name” which most of you already know but it’s a great primer for any friends that you want to get up to speed.

Oh, and if you scroll down to the very bottom there’s a great video by Frank Schilling about the evolution of the Internet and Domain Names – definitely a solid one if you have friends that don’t understand what the heck you’re doing with domain names and just a fun one to watch. Enjoy!

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  • Tristan August 16, 2017, 8:34 am

    When Uniregistry acquired DNS, I got several voicemails from Uniregistry about the fact that my DNS account would be migrated to them. Maybe your phone number wasn’t up to date or they forgot about you?

  • Joe August 17, 2017, 2:02 pm

    Yes Morgan! is different as in his day Godaddy was and so between each other they do well and others badly no one ever does it wrong.

    A executive gave me the link to watch the videos and I thanked him but I saw that one was missing a very important one and I answered the email about where is the following video: How to make transfers of Domains of to another registrar ., His response was that he had given my email to the team of this service.

    In the same one that I wrote you make a profitable reference for that many registrars do, among them if you want to make a transfer of domain to another registrar they send to you by email the Auth Code or EPP code and thus there are never problems of error.

    Never perfect.


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