If you could ask one question about Go Daddy’s acquisition of Neustar’s registry business, what would it be?

Go Daddy and Neustar

Today was a big day in the domain name world as Go Daddy announced their acquisition of Neustar’s registry business. This was covered on a lot of different blogs so rather than write a lot about it myself, I’ll share some of the articles about it:

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  • GoDaddy Acquires Neustar – Gets Into Registry Business (read more on DomainInvesting.com)
  • GoDaddy acquires Neustar’s registry business (read more on OnlineDomain)
  • GoDaddy buying Neustar’s registry business (read more on TheDomains)

So I thought it would be interesting to put together questions that people have about the sale and see if I can get them answered, and then do a follow-up post sharing the answers. If you want a quick highlight from the press release, here’s the a paragraph to give you the general idea behind how they’re going to structure things post-acquisition:

“The new service will be called GoDaddy Registry and will be led by Nicolai Bezsonoff, currently Senior Vice President and General Manager of Neustar’s Registry business. As part of the transaction, GoDaddy will strictly adhere to a governance model that maintains independence between the GoDaddy registry and registrar businesses. GoDaddy has worked closely with both registrars and registries for more than 20 years to help grow a healthy and competitive domains market and it will continue to do so for the benefit of consumers and the industry.


This is a big move by Go Daddy and one that I know many people have questions about so let me see if I can get some of them answered. Comment below and I’ll do my best to get as many of your questions answered as I can!

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  • K.J.Haroon Basha April 6, 2020, 9:30 pm

    To kill the competition. To prove its supremacy. To rule the market and dictate its term and conditions.

  • Samer April 6, 2020, 11:01 pm

    I would ask them if they’re increasing prices.

    I dont trust them, Morgan. They already killed Uni Sales reports after saying; “no changes”

    I’d make them commit prices to the life of:
    .us (10 years through 2029)
    .co (5 years through 2024)

    Since Neustar owns .biz, i would make them reverse the BS they pulled with .biz pricing. (Adding “premiums up to 10k, year)

  • Jose April 7, 2020, 5:58 am

    Godaddy is a company with the intention of monopolizing everything that is available and in my way of understanding the markets the Companies that want to be monopolize and it is not good at all rather it is bad there are many examples between Microsoft and Apple here with Godaddy there is none that I can follow him for what he is developing economically, when it is highly likely that the market economy will go down very high and with the unknown of the stock markets, buying in this way is due to my knowledge, it is not necessary to cover as much market or it is a matter life or death, time will tell if it works out for you, now you just have to finish your shopping round Flippa.com is for sale.

  • Jose April 7, 2020, 6:08 am

    I still do not understand how Ethos Capital has not bought and so we would save .Org


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