I’m starting a free newsletter on substack to teach people how to start a blog

As many of you know, since well, you’re here reading my blog. I have a blog, and I’ve been blogging for thirteen years now. When I first started this blog I never thought in a million years I’d be sitting here today, blogging, every single day. Yes, writing has become a daily ritual for me and I truly love it.

I was talking with a friend last week and we were both trying to think of ways we could help people at this incredibly challenging time and be a positive force in the world. While I’ve been researching charities and other places I can make a direct donation, I also wanted to do something that I could do to help people who may have lost their jobs and find themselves at home do something to bring more joy to their life.

Additionally, I wanted to help people who might not have something they can do to generate income from home build up a little money as they look for their next path in life. Blogging is something that anyone can do, but that can be very hard to get started and to stay consistent with. WordPress can be intimidating at first and understanding where to start when it comes to generating revenue can and often is a complete mystery.

So I’ve decided to start a completely free newsletter through substack, an awesome startup that makes it easy to publish a newsletter that is available both via email and in blog-like form. They have an option to do a paid newsletter which a lot of people are embracing for premium content (my current favorite is A Ticker A Day from Danielle Morrill), but you can also do it for free and leverage their awesome publishing tools.

The first newsletter hasn’t gone out yet so if you join now you’ll get the first one sent directly to your inbox. At the same time, the content will also be available, just like a normal blog post on Substack’s site – I was able to get my top choice – blogging.substack.com.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog or know someone who might have recently lost their job and is looking for a way to potentially add a bit more joy to their life by starting a daily writing practice (and hopefully make a few bucks while doing it), you can sign-up below:

I know this is a hard time for so many people, I’ll be writing a post next week about the charities I’ve found and that I’m personally donating to. If you have a skill or experience with something you think could help someone either make a little extra money, find a bit more joy in their life, or both, I encourage you to start a free newsletter or online course. There is an opportunity for all of us to help each other now, because we’re all in this together.

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  • Yakov March 20, 2020, 5:34 pm

    Very good Morgan!

  • Mika March 21, 2020, 5:00 am

    It would be cool for everyone to get going together & share our blogs as we go…

    • Morgan March 22, 2020, 4:58 pm

      Great idea @Mike – agreed!

  • Travis Runyard March 23, 2020, 2:26 am

    While your reasoning and motive for the article’s content is genuine and positive, I do sometimes wonder if there possibly may be a greater amount of negative outcomes generated. Encouraging people to do something constructive seems like an obvious positive, but I’d go so far as to say that even computer-savvy people don’t have any idea just how difficult it is to generate even one cent from online advertising via providers like AdSense.
    I say this because before you’re able to receive any payout whatsoever with AdSense, you must accumulate at least $100 in payable balance. Google has only payed out to me twice over the course of around 6 years with a technical blog site that was receiving roughly 60-100 unique users (~10,000 requests) per day on average. This model does not work for the small guy, unless you’re even more on the technical/SEO side and decide to go black hat or grey hat with Private Blog Networks or a sohpisticated method of backlinking and avoid being delisted from google search results entirely.


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