Inspired by .in

I was reacently inspired to register some .in domains. India is a huge place with a booming economy and a lot of growth in the technology sector. URL Academy recently had a post about some .in names that he registered.

Looking back at CC TLD’s like .eu and .uk it is easy to see how these domains can become very very valuable. I still see a lot of potential with .in domains as it doesn’t look like they’ve been frantically collected by domainers…yet.

As I said in a previous post – these domains are in the "speculative" section of my portfolio. 10% of my portfolio is domain’s whose TLD may have not taken-off yet (or may never take-off). With .in I think we’ll see some solid growth here and 1-2 years from now one (or more) of my .in purchases could hit the jackpot. For now I’m going to flip them just like any site, build-up the traffic and see how many monthly visitors I can have coming to the site by this time next year. See below for a list of my recent purchases:

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  • 2w January 1, 2008, 12:29 am

    better than .info
    much better than .mobi e.t.c.
    cheers ThANKye , 2w


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