Instra Joins The Fight Against Trademark Abuse

With the incredible number of new gTLDs hitting the market one issue that everyone is looking at is, no surprisingly, trademarks. If you think brands had a lot to worry about with the current number of TLDs, just wait. ICANN definitely knew this would be an issue so created the Trademark Clearinghouse to mitigate it. They actually made a pretty neat video about it if you haven’t seen it yet, reminds me a bit of the Jetsons:

If you understand the Trademark Clearinghouse then you probably also know that prices are all over the board. I did some research and it looks like Instra has one of the¬†lowest price out there at 185 AUD/year (~$170 USD). Instra also happens to have an incredibly wide reach with access to TLDs that some of the biggest registrars on the planet don’t even have access to.

Whether you’re a startup or a small business and you’re looking to protect your Trademark, definitely take advantage of the system that ICANN has setup and Instra has made now more affordable than ever! You can read more about Instra’s Trademark Clearinghouse services here.

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