iOS 6 Is Finally Usable – Google Maps Is Back


Like the huge Apple fan that I am, I got an iPhone 5 and inadvertently threw myself into a world where one of the core features on my phone, Maps, was broken. It’s still crazy to me that Apple would release such a crumby app since I’m always impressed with their attention to detail but this one really missed the mark.

Soon, I was navigating the world like many other iOS users who bought Apple’s latest-and-greatest phone, but were left being directed to other states (or country’s) when trying to find something just around the block.

A couple of weeks ago in New York City it pulled up 47th Street in Tennessee instead of 47th street in Manhattan. A three block walk suddenly appeared to be a cross-border journey, enough said?

Today is a big day for Google, but also a big day for Apple, iOS 6 is finally usable! TechCrunch did a great article on Google’s New Map App and  if you’re frustrated, you can read Tim Cook’s letter apologizing for releasing something, errr, before it was any good.

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  • Scott Bender December 16, 2012, 12:41 pm


    After nearly 4 years with AT&T and the iPhone, on Friday, I finally got a divorce and switched to T-Mobile with a brand new (free) Samsung Note II.

    This phone and its functions BLOW Apple away!!

    All the best,

    Scott Bender Orlando FL


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