It’s That Time Again – Update To WordPress 3.7 Today

For those of you who use WordPress, you know that they update the platform quite a bit. While there are usually some pretty cool incremental feature updates the main reason I think everyone should always update is for security patches. Just like any other company with a gazillion users, WordPress is always a big target for hackers so security updates are a big part of why WordPress does update the platform as often as they do.



Below are a few of the new features added in the 3.7 update:

  • Stronger passwords (this has been a long time coming)
  • Improved search functionality
  • Better localization
  • WordPress updates can now happen in the background
  • WP Multisite improvements
  • Geeky developer update – you can now query for posts within a specific date range

So if you haven’t updated yet, login to WordPress and take the 30 seconds to do it. No really, stop reading and do it now!

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