Kajabi.com – From $0 to $1 Million in Five Months

It’s always great to hear stories of entrepreneurs who have tried and failed, then tried again, and failed again, and continued doing this over and over again. Some people just give-up but if there’s one common thread I’ve seen with entrepreneurs it is the understanding that failure is just part of the process, and it’s worth it for the satisfaction of finding success.

In the case of Kajabi, two entrepreneurs left their six-figure day jobs and took a major risk, they had a number of ideas that hadn’t worked in the past but they didn’t let that stop them from changing their future. One of my favorite quotes from the interview is, “great ideas are awesome but execution is where the money is.” The two founders learned that it really took focus to get their idea off the ground and as they said, you really have to go for it!

Enjoy the interview and feel free to share your thoughts as always.


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  • Domain Report May 31, 2011, 1:34 pm

    Great reminder, every successful person usually has some failures behind them, except maybe Mark Zuckerberg who caught a great idea early on and ran with it – lol. One of my favorite sayings is that most ‘overnight successes’ were often years in the making. All the failures are like lessons that help to set you up for the eventual success, but lots of people usually quit before then.


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