Let’s talk typos – my latest video from NamesCon Europe

Well, you know me – I take a lot of pictures and a lot of video, more video now than ever – just not of me as much any more.

I still have a handful of videos to share with all of you from NamesCon Europe and this one is of a very polarizing topic – typo domains.

I personally don’t own any typo domains, it has never been my jam…but there are still quite few people in the domain industry who make money off of typo domains.

On one side you have the domain owners, on the other side – monetization devices, and well – sometimes you find people on both sides who are essentially printing money.

Love it or hate it here’s a short clip from NamesCon Europe where typo domains took center stage. Enjoy!

Do you own any typo domains or like me have you stayed far far away? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Richard Morris July 23, 2019, 1:17 am

    Now here’s the ultimate twist when it comes to typo’s Morgan. Andrew Allemann of DNW on July 8th posted a story about the domain BettingOdds.com selling for 500K, however when he posted it he spelled/typed it BeddingOdds.com instead with two “dd”s instead of two “tt”s. Unless I’m missing something, Andrew has since taken his post down and the half dozen or so comments that followed? Ironically, this ‘ol guy, who some see as nothing but trouble for the domain industry, picked up on it and bought from GD BeddingOdds.com for $8.50, and GD actually values the domain at $1,104. Thinking risk vs. reward, it took all of a couple of seconds to click the “buy now” button☺

    I also told Andrew I’d pay him a commission should a sale result because of his typo. I seriously doubt anyone is looking for this domain since it’s never been registered according to HosterStats. A a sitcom starting Charlie Sheen titled “Bedding Odds” could be a big hit. How about a reality show similar to The Bachelor? Or a roulette type game titled, “BeddingOdds” with the tagline, “What are the Odds you’ll get laid tonight?”

    Morgan, I’m sure Andrew reads your blog so I want to thank him for his typo, and you Morgan for allowing me to share☺

  • Snoopy July 23, 2019, 4:17 pm

    What was the point of registering the name, where is the reward?


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